Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fruit Store No Longer Sells iPhone By means of 2-Year Contract on AT&T

Fruit Store No Longer Sells iPhone By means of 2-Year Contract on AT&T

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November 25th June 5, 2015 7: 25 am PDT by Joe Rossignol

Apple overnight removed the option prior to buying any a new iPhone on a two-year flex with AT&T on the Apple Web sites, eliminating the ability for customers to purchase the apple iphone for a subsidized price of $199 or just $299 through the carrier. Apple this time sells iPhones on AT&T purely through the AT&T Next carrier investment program, while two-year contracts continue available through Verizon and Pointe.

AT&T Next allows a customer prior to buying any a new iPhone for $0 way down and make equal payments for 18, 18 or 24 months until the top dollar of the smartphone has been paid, after which the device can be traded in for a real iPhone. The full price breakdown for every one iPhone model on AT&T Right next, available through both the Apple Web sites and Apple Retail Store, is listed the.

The shift away from two-year jobs is not specific to Apple or just iPhone, but rather part of a larger work by AT&T. Droid-Life reported in the past few months that AT&T would begin getting off two-year contracts on June a few, although the report claims that the selection will remain available through AT&T's web, company-owned retail stores, local dealers through direct fulfillment and customer service. Labels: AT&T, Apple Store, AT&T Right next

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