Thursday, August 13, 2015

With battery charging cable: Jump Backup Battery Charger

When faced with a product like Jump cord, you can become very confusing, it should be classified as what? We take a look at: Disney iPhone case

From Native Union of produced, this goods actually is charging line and mobile power of hybrid body, volume small, only 5 cm square, and weight more is only 40 grams--usually, this goods can on as General charging line to with, clever of design, let two root line can perfect storage, put in package package in is are not caused chaos, with of when, took out a received power (charger or computer USB mouth) a received phone on line has--and General charging line no difference, just, Its built-in battery will also charge; in times of need, it also can be used as a mobile power, mobile phones provide at least 3 hours of extra talk time. Disney iPhone 5 case

So, you see, this is a can be used as a mobile power charging cord, it can completely replace your existing cord, tidier and more useful. Currently presale, $ 40 a set, booking the address here:, seemingly old liked this design, target capital of 40,000 dollars, and now has raised more than 200,000 dollars ~

Design: Native Union price: $ 40 presale address:

DISNEY Mickey Cartoon Silicone Rubber Case Cover for iPhone 5/5S

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