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The second half of 2013, love surprise's 20 best conceptual design

January 1 to 1!

Life is, at best, more than 100 more than on January 1, it would inevitably have to summarize because of days like this – to bring you the second half of 2013 (June to November) loves surprising best ~ to facilitate classification, we will be divided into two parts, you see, is the 20 best conceptual design. Please enjoy.

20, Hop Picker creative watches

This is Russia designer Hop Picker (should is buddy of pseudonym) brings of a is praise of design, Super fresh of surface Shang only a article can around with Center turned of Red thin, acts as a pointer, and red pointer following, is is oval curve movement of digital dial, both interactive, on can clear to marked out current of accurate time--problem figure of GIF animation certainly is speed up has speed of, according to real time passes words, track on no so obviously has, but also interesting, not did?

19, the wind force Street lamp made of bamboo: Flow

From Studio IgenDesgin of creativity, Flow is a tailored for the third world, and wind energy Street lamp, made of bamboo, leaves and supports are made from bamboo, and the low energy consumption LED light source is used. In addition, the blade with the DNA spiral layout will have a LED on both sides, then, when the wind blows the leaves turning generation, LED will be lit, became very beautiful lamps. Despicable me new iPad case

18, trunks

Kenchikukagu designs from designers, this is some super nice folding furniture design, looks like three different sizes, but with wheel suitcases, but to expand them, you'll have access to a kitchen, a study and a bedroom.

17, long tail clip w/Hook: Hook-Shaped Fancy Binder

From Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of technology, a group of creative designers, long tail clip with hook (Hook-Shaped Fancy Binder) by a little change, making long tail clip more practical:

The two "tail" into the hook shape, and function of the clip itself is not affected, but when you want to hang something when this thing can put to use--for example, put the clip on the edge of the table, it becomes a nice link ~

Humidifier 16, volcano: the Volcano Humidifier

From designer Dae-hoo Kim's creativity, if you happen to need a device like this, then the humidifier the volcano (Volcano Humidifier) is definitely worth starting with sexy-Yes, we can use "hot" Word to describe a humidifier, as long as it is the same as the humidifier:

Main of features has three, first is styling, similar volcano as of styling, added water is from top Department directly to in pour, work of when, steam is from this cut to outside spray, distribution Shang light of lights effects, it looks really of is a seat volcano; second, has quite more of style, and, each paragraph are is mutatis mutandis this world real exists volcano of features for build, like Yellowstone Park paragraph, like Fuji paragraph; last, is most praise of is, it work of when also has quite more of pattern, Steam can spray straight up, you can gently down to the side, smoke rings can also be used in the form of a circle round out, rise in a circle round, pale and disappear ... ...

15, ball bath: Bathsphere

Said one of life, it is in the mother's womb when a most comfortable stay, floated in the warm liquid, well-fed, and don't have to pay the electricity, water and property management fees-this feels really good, enough to make modern life into Dog feces infinite longing ... ... But we are not back to the past, the most, that is, in this unique ball-shaped bathtub (Bathsphere) memory:

From designer Alexander Zhukovsky's ideas, this bathtub is, of course, spherical, transparent glass, and the suspension Setup is adopted, rather than resting on the floor--so the whole design looks so futuristic, combined with lighting effects, like a science fiction movie. Function is also very tough, on one side of the tub has a circular entrance, inside, you can shower with a built-in sprinkler system at the top, could spill out like rain drops, and change the whole spherical tub temperature, humidity, brightness, sound, and even smell – want to walk trails in the forest of drizzling rainy season? Or lie in the Tulip flower aroma intoxicating? Oh, even wanted to sing a song of sorrow of castamere rainy seasons, it can be ... ...

Also, since is bathtub, no traditional meaning Shang "bathtub" of function, so is justified, so Bathsphere of bottom is can water of--Dang you storage have small hemisphere water, please lying in inside, off lights, window lights flashing, but mist has fuzzy you of eyes, you only need in such a only belongs to you himself of bubble in the silence, quietly to thinking life...... Designers said, because this is the suspension Setup, so this time, it can even feel like you create a feeling of weightlessness.

14, glass balloon lights: Memory Lights

British John Moncrieff brings of Memory Lights balloon lamp, first, this goods used has color glass shell, texture very Rod; second, it of interface design have is clever, can wall, also can ceiling using, and installation good zhihou, whole lamp lamp except natural pendant of pull switch zhiwai, not see other any lossy beautiful of things; last, designer will of named for "memory" (Memory)--specific to you, you will Lenovo to some what does? Balloon? Jelly beans? Childhood bizarre dreams and fantasies?

13, grew up with pots and plants: Growing Basin

If you are a people who love flowers and grass, then maybe you can do a similar thing, and that is change--small little, and then move to a bigger pot ... ... Well, this is a nuisance, like my father-in-law is in for the injured lumbar admitted lying for six months ... ... So, Chinese architect Zhao Lin (sound, Zhao Lin), who brought this "grew up with pots and plants" (Growing Basin), what is a more convenient solution:

Simply put, this is a frilly flower pot, is made of polymeric material, the first time, it's smaller, surrounded by the folded edge. But as the plants grew up, the entire pot is slowly stretched, becoming more and more fullness, until finally, the wrinkles disappear into a rounded circular flower pot ~

12, the cloud flower pots: Rainy Pot

Despicable Me Minion Silicone Case for iPad 2 3 4 Dark Blue

Design from designer Jeong Seungbin, cloud flower pots (Rainy Pot) is a small, wall-mounted accessories, white clouds from above and below the small pots two parts. The main mystery is in the clouds, it is a kind of aesthetic considerations, and has practical uses--it amounts to a sink, water when poured water directly inside the clouds, clouds will slowly dripping water drop by drop into pot ... ... At this point, it looks as though it is floated to a rain cloud on the horizon, isn't it?

Designer says he so dealt with, at least to solve two problems, first of all, pouring a water pipe for a long time, because the water will be stored in the cloud, people will be more energy-efficient and, secondly, it can avoid a damage from too much watering plants. Two birds.

11, drill cleaners: Motorless Vacuum

Not know is who said, each men, in mind in the are has full of side wall, above hanging with various tool--so you is should forgive male people are is equipment party, and tool control, in do "any thing" of when, hand in are like took with a things tinker ~ like brother, on home in prepared has a small of impact drill, nothing in wall Shang playing hole installation points what things, that is again convenient but ~

--Well, except for the fact that each Spud, is full of ash in the always ... ... Try drill dust collector from designer Seokhui Kim (Motorless Vacuum), can effectively solve this problem:

Equivalent to is a additional of handles, will of sets in drill front-end on can using, then, this put hand since with a trumpet of sucking dust sets, using of when, drill of bit through this sucking dust sets, for for to drilling of target Shang, then, drill itself will led put hands of Turbo rotating, produced suction, to put sucking dust sets in the, and because drilling and produced of dust all sucking to handles lower of empty warehouse in the. This drill at the end, simply put in the hands of the dust into the trash can on the line elsewhere, such as walls, such as corners, there will be no dust.

10, IBM smarter cities Billboard: IBM Smarter Cities

Billboards are everywhere! Whether you like it or not, they are all over the city and invade every inch of your life ... ... However, even if you hate ads, IBM "smarter cities" (Smarter Cities), this series of billboards, you probably can't help but accept it:

From Austrian beauty advertising of creative, this series of advertising brand, no longer just is content of carrier, but itself are has has must of function, like, it is rain Shi let you hiding rain of small rain shed, is let stepped variable flat of no obstacles ramp, is waist acid leg pain Shi comfortable of bench--IBM called human technology of a symbol, and technology, always should for human benefit, with to human more convenience of--Ogilvy of this series advertising, this concept of reflected can be described as incisively has.

Plant pot 9, wrinkle: Skin Pot

Students from China's Gong Yan (sound, Gong Yan), who designs, wrinkled flower pots (Skin Pot), in a more interesting and more visible way to tell people, "I was short of water, give me water":

Pots made of some kind of material that can absorb water, when you water it, it can absorb some of the excess water, and stores. With the consumption of water, this part of it and to store the water release, and wrinkled, almost until the water consumption will become wrinkled like a dryland. At this point, if you think of water, it absorbs moisture, and restore clean and smooth.

8, avoid ironing straw: Anti-scald Straw

Perhaps you have encountered a straw down, from the tongue to the throat to the stomach is called upon by the hot surprise sad story ... ... This avoid ironing straw (Anti-scald Straw) has its own value of existence, pipette lower part (part of the bubbles in the drink) has a temperature-sensitive structures, so if the beverage temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius, the goods will be enlargement, straw plugs, so you suck it ~

7, easy to use adhesive tape: Concave Adhesive Tape

Designer Ke Dawei from China (sound, Ke Dawei) design easy to use adhesive tape (Concave Adhesive Tape), sealing tape, such as duct tape into concave forms, and every time we run out of tape, don't have to worry about the next use will find no end. Despicable me iPad 4 case

6, magnetic zip: Magzip

We probably daily will with to zipper, but, since 1890 that called Judson of people invention this stuff yilai, more than 100 years passed, it of structure and zhiqian almost no too big difference, so, even is in human dream with landing Mars of era, we daily still have carefully to alignment zipper of on both sides, then will of carefully to pulled up, case every now and then to will face of card live small trouble......

A company called the Under Armour said, okay, it's time to make some improvements, for example, on the zipper pull should be more simple and convenient--which is magnetic zipper (Magzip):

Idea is simple, the two connectors of the zipper structure was improved, and material changes to it can suck with magnetic material. Then, zip up, the action more simple than ever, is when it is used in clothing, for example, placed the two hem, zipper together, and then--on the one hand to pull it all, just like the GIF above smooth ~

At present, the Magzip zipper has applied for a patent, the scale listed in 2014.

5, infinite rulers: Consistent-motion Ruler

Should everyone with a ruler figure, right? Very convenient, but if you are going for a pretty long line, far exceeding the length of the ruler itself, what should you do? Under normal circumstances, we had to draw in part, then, using a ruler than this part, then draw the next part of ... ... Trouble said, also will draw more tippy-the infinite ruler from designer Myeongjin Kim (Consistent-motion Ruler), will solve this problem:

Looks on like is a l styling of ruler, maximum of different is, ruler on with scale of addition side, design has a can split off of square sliding block, so, if we need painting some over ruler measure of line, we can with hand press sliding block, painting a article line, then, keep sliding block not moving of premise Xia, moved ruler itself, again painting a article line--sliding block on equivalent to is a fixed points, ensure two times painting Xia of line can even into straight of a article line ~ so repeatedly, again long of line also can easily draws has.

4, blocks cell phone: Phonebloks

Is a is in compared initial stage of project, is has great of ambitions, they intends to again once "again invention phone"--will phone all of parts, according to function divided into several relative independent of module, like photo of function, storage of function, and screen, and base board, and battery, and processor,, are into a blocks as of block, so we can like play high as, himself assembled out one new of phone, or on existing phone of function for again design, like, Replaced has cannot meet himself of module, or, dang himself has not need a species function, so we completely can will of removed, and will resources with in other more need of function Shang, typical of example including, I to to travel, so, I may should to phone for Shang more cock of lens, and or, I is elderly, so, relative Yu other fancy of parts, a voice more big of Horn, only more meet I of needs.

Scenes such as these, in short, mobile hopes to achieve the goal of building blocks is that cell phones can be fully customizable, with upgrade--you want to change a cell phone, that does not mean that you are not satisfied with this phone is all, you want to replace, maybe only one of those parts, faster? Battery more? Block phone will satisfy this demand. In addition, the October news is that Phonebloks and Motorola have tried together, they will work together to promote this project--very sharp!

3, more sanitary cans: Drink with Clean

Has paragraph time, online had popular had a rumors, along the is, a supermarket of Red cattle cans, sealing at was mouse pollution, if opened directly on drink words, will infection a very terrorist of disease--good's, love rare and didn't want to do a period "rumors end who", we only wants to introduced a paragraph solution this class problem of design, this is more health of cans (Drink with Clean):

From China designer Cheng Hang (sound, Cheng Hang), 4 bit beauty of design, this paragraph cans packaging design is this year Red points design award (Reddot Design Award) of award works, in General cans of sealing location increased a layer posted film, does not effect people drinking, because opened of when on can automatically tore to, but is can avoid this sensitive of location in beverage factory zhihou was pollution.

2, flexible food packaging: Eat and Go

From Olga Gambaryan, who designs scalable food packaging (Eat and Go) is a very creative:

Structure similar Yu accordion, will sandwich like of loaded in inside, eat is on compression a points, never will lane dirty hand ~ designer said, this paragraph creative has long, and short two species specifications, long of applies Yu sandwich like of things, short of that, is with cover, can used to loaded soup what--two a match in with, Super for outside sold like, its maximum of features is, inside loaded of things can more can less, so it length also on can long can short, at any time keep relative minimum of State.

1, the window of noise silencers: Sono

Ever since on the site across the street roared awake all night long all night long? Now, designer Rudolf Stefanich brings the noise muffler on the window (Sono), are expected to reason and a perfect solution to the problem, then don't open the window and shout XXX:

Looks like a slightly irregular shape of the discs, will be posted on the window, and then, it can automatically analyze the Windows main noise sources, then you can choose one of the silencers--judging from the video, the touch of a button, the corresponding noise disappear immediately! Quite a cool and practical design!!

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