Friday, August 21, 2015

Sound of Squidward loving the SpongeBob ride

An actor since 75, Rodger Bumpass has been to myriad auditions.

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On one such audition back in the 1990s, Bumpass found gold if he landed the role as the phone of Squidward Tentacles, one of the most esteemed curmudgeons on television, on Nickelodeon's largely popular, long-running animated series, Spongebob case SquarePants.

"This was just another season casting, '' the 63-year-old Bumpass recounted Saturday while attending the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Spongebob SquarePants iPhone 5 case SquarePants 400 at Kansas Speedway. "You go to your agent's office, you may audition, and then you forget about it also. That's how you do things. Then I gained the part, we did the preliminary and I saw the pilot u thought, 'Well, that's OK. '

"About a year or two later I pointed out to strangers on the street that I worked tirelessly on this show and their eyes gained big as saucers and they recounted, 'Wow, my goodness, you are therefore hip. ' And I thought, 'Well, this thing might be catching on discuss, ' and it just kept departing and going and going. ''

Bumpass admits he has been due to surprised as anyone that the show is now the TV icon it has.

"I need feign total ignorance on this by way of I don't think anybody had most idea it would catch on, '' he said. "It just make a chord for some reason. The whole crew has been there from the beginning in 1999 when you premiered on Nickelodeon. We have burned out one of our cast members, regretably Ernest Borgnine, and we all skip him greatly, but (otherwise) we are all the original editions. ''

Bumpass considers some of the show's popularity comes from the belief that many viewers of all ages can identify with it also.

"Little kids get something out of it by way of it's animation and it's silly, '' Bumpass said. "Teenagers get something from the jawhorse because it's got some of those little personal references in there (that they like), as adults just know funny is relaxed. Age has nothing to do with your appreciation on this show. ''

Viewers also relate to Bumpass' Squidward character, who a lot of time has a great disdain for almost nearly everybody around him.

"I'm one of the adult patients in the show, '' he recounted. "Me and Mr. Krabs is also the adults and he at least enjoys the woman money. His idea of a romantic day is going and having dinner along with his cash register. But me, I'm presented in the food service sector, under-appreciated, underpaid, under water and I think everyone around me is just this untalented mass of cretins and I need work with SpongeBob and have to live after him and Patrick at the same time.

"I'm the recipient of the insanity concerned with either side of me, though every so often I just get to go off and simply go crazy. ''

Bumpass recounted most people may not realize how problematic voice work is.

"Some customers say, 'Oh, you do voice accomplish the task, do you ever get a chance to do any actress'? ' '' Bumpass said. "Well, voice work is acting by way of handicap, a major handicap -- number of hands tied behind your back, number of legs tied behind your back so a sack over your head. All you have most likely the voice and the character to create including thing, so it's always been a challenge though it's always very much fun, too. ''

Bumpass doesn't have any idea regardless of the SpongeBob phenomenon will embark on.

"Who knows? We just before its due our second film, which carried out even better than the first film -- a lot better actually -- and we went about right back with the TV show. We've got quite two seasons of that, with an accessibility to something else, and we've got some new experts. I think it's still got thigh. ''

And as long as SpongeBob lasts, Bumpass plans to enjoy the ride.

"That's what I told myself from the to begin with, '' he said. "I recounted, 'I'm riding this pony. ' If I'm around kids I will steer the conversation to characters because it's so much fun when you do your current voice and that recognition happens and the jaws drop and the first thing many think is, 'No way! '

"You say, 'Well somebody has to undertake it and I just happen to be that youngster. ' I'm very lucky. ''

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