Saturday, August 1, 2015

"Love rare direct purchase", "whether the wood" says: no Cup is not good with views of flower pots

You have either a lot of cups, experience a variety of creative, mouths and all kinds of materials have been grouchy, stainless steel, glass, plastic, ... ... We are introducing today is whether the wood enamel cup, except in the technology and the material is very particular about (whether wood enamel factory, introducing Japan original production line, hundred percent steel), each glass pattern is little works of art. FENDI iPhone case

Zuo Mu right no, ancient meaning for the Cup, "whether the wood" by a group of discerning research on independence (Designer), focused on finding healthy, delicate cups.

Glass pattern may not have highlights, Yes, painting master too much now. Whether the wood is special because, for every two cups of the combined is a scene of beauty-please look at the pictures, and a cup of tea and a book to build a comfortable afternoon, take a hot bath a safe night's sleep and you'll have a sweet dream ... ... Home not to hang paintings, mounted the word beauty, whether wood enamel cups other than water, as an ornament are also excellent. FENDI iPhone case

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What, are you too fat! Well, inner diameter 8cm seemingly is not skinny, but have you ever thought of some small plants, as a pot, it is very pretty, isn't it!

Inviting, venue and rare treasure of love!

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