Thursday, August 6, 2015

"Love rare direct purchase" original beech wood toy kangaroos and koalas

From original design and brand of Yuefu Bamloff creative, Super sense of beech wood toys, joint activities of kangaroos and koalas, shelf display, with which children grow up at home or gifts to friends, is a good choice. 100% environmental protection material. Not just a toy, it is worthy of display in the shelves of art. Otterbox S3 defender

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Love strange love rare Pat shop Taobao shop, for sale.

"Considerations" internal use 1, toy rubber connections, joints don't overexert or had broken drag and deformation shall be within the scope of activities, so as to avoid damage. 2, natural wood with unique textures every different toy lines, also may have slightly different shades of color differences, hand crafted and subtle defects can also occur during the installation process, does not affect the overall quality, please note, snobs buy carefully. 3, you can choose to buy the trees bear or Koala or Kangaroo + Kangaroo, purchase trees bear + Kangaroo send display 1.

"Commodity information" property: original authentic (Designer directly shipping) brand: ban Mun Yuefu Bamloff origin: China size: Kangaroo 15*4.5*14.5CM, and tree bear 10*6.5*7CM packaging: fine Kraft box, can reference class door Yuefu other products packaging style material: main material are for Germany FSC forest management system certification natural beech wood, on human absolute harmless, meet European and United States toy security standard, quality best, can provides test report, to baby play also relief. Suitable for 3 years ~103 years

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