Friday, August 7, 2015

Infinite hourglass magnet light

This is the Pani Jurek and architect Piotr Musialowski brings together a very cool lighting effect, magnetic hourglass lamp (Kolo Sand and Kolo Magnet Lamps)-how good? Directly on the first video, at a glance:

Did you see? Good's, actually love rare also didn't how lane understand this goods of principle, roughly is such of, we can with to discussion: (1) first, this goods is by size two a round structure composition; (2) round in the built-in has light and sand leak, sand leak in the sand of form can changes, and has two species basic of mode, can Xia leak, also can not leak; (3) small round seems to with magnetic, can regulation lights strength, and can change round in the sand of layout form.

Basically, the specific principle or structure, students can figure out? ~ Lifeproof iPhone case

Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case Black

Designer: Pani Jurek,Piotr Musialowski iPhone 5s lifeproof case

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