Saturday, August 8, 2015

Animal father let her suck on little girls birthday ... ...

Well, don't be scared by the title, I really wanted to tell a touching story: iPhone 6 transparent case

In the minds of every father has a lovely daughter, and the daughter, dads may be able to do anything ... ... Like, today love rare to introduced of this dad, to to daughter of five age birthday left a memorable of "sweet" memories, he assembled has a root up 150 feet (nearly 46 meters) of super long straw, from a bottle sweet of juice out, this straw first around into has birthday happy of words, then bypass balcony of railing, crossed a Layer II layer of stairs, last wear spent Butterfly like voted into downstairs dew stage lazy lying with Sun Sun of small daughter mouth in...... transparent iPhone 6

Ultra Thin Transparent TPU iPhone 6 Case Blue

Gee, sucking on one, beautiful little girl ~


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