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iphone case 3d

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iphone case 4s china iphone case otterbox vs . it, iphone case 4s china iphone 4 case wood metal...

iphone case 4s china iphone 5 translucent silicone cases

Samsung Galaxy S4 Otterbox Commuter Case White

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Nordstrom and Piece & Co. arranged teams luxury and hope

By way of designers such as Stella McCartney associated with Consuelo Castiglioni of Marni teaming up with indigenous artisans, higher-style hand-crafted wares with a social consciousness have got grow to be more typical in the modern industry.

Rebecca Minkoff Studded Case for iPhone 6 Plus Blue

Championing this bring about, Chicago-based Piece & Co. has worked for your personal final 3 years to expand designers' access to the fabrics and schemes of female artisans in leaving countries. Its mission is to help finish worldwide poverty by setting up sustainable employment for the ladies. Currently, the business enterprise has designed going 8, 000 job possibilities wearing 21 countries, according to CEO associated with founder Kathleen Wright, who witout a doubt worked as director of potential and advertising for nonprofit co Nest, which also assists womans artisans.

"Our model is organized like a standard supplier, " shows Wright. "We come to the performers with artisan techniques [such as ikat, tie-dye, embroidery and batik printing] and a textile collection every single season, and they can customize it on the other hand they want to match into their use collections. I started the company thanks to artisan groups in India associated with Guatemala, but I located the consumers I want to work with want to origins from Guatemala a single season, Dalam negeri the subsequent and Vietnam the following some time. So we built on that reasoning. I normally say we are setting up the planet smaller sized, and I actually do feel that that's true. "

Piece and also Co. has made items with model brands such as Rachel Roy, Cynthia Rowley, Toms Footwear and Madewell. Now it has joined forces thanks to Nordstrom, yet another company that has organized social responsibility into its company practice, to launch its largest operate yet— a 32-piece capsule associated with apparel and handbags ($59. 95-$495) by Tory Burch, Diane vonseiten Furstenberg, Alice & Olivia, our own Honest Co., Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 6 plus cases, Current/Elliott associated with Theory. The Nordstrom + Article & Co. line, which leased on Monday, is obtainable just at select Nordstrom retailers ingredients web-site.

"This is the initial available free time we have had a true platform to discover the story about how brands can team up with us and have a huge effect on women of all ages in the building world, even though but doing business as usual, " says Wright. "I consider that from time to time whenever you are persons believe of an artisan solution, they consider of anything seriously crafty-hunting, but when you look at these items, men and women transcend that absolutely. It's always been so eye-opening for me to see just what exactly these designers can do with regular artisan tactics. Their visions, and also the craft that we bring to the table, makes a single thing quite beautiful and potent moreover. "

Burch, who supports womans entrepreneurs by way of her Tory Burch Foundation, sourced handmade painted organic and natural canvas fabric from the Republic and are generally Zambia and also applied geometric sewing on a linen tunic and blouse Diane von Furstenberg designed tie dresses and a scarf with hand-printed batik fabrics from India associated with Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 6 plus Case's vibrant tapestry personal belongings are made with an ancient loom weaving practice from Vietnam.

"I talk to our own [artisans] and pronounce, 'How has this impacted your bank balance?, '" says Wright. "One woman said, 'Every day considering that I have had this order, I've always been capable to send my youngsters to varsity with lunch and as a bestfriend, these have been some of the happiest a long time of my life. ' Taking which will burden off moms, so they determine where their subsequent meal is likely to come from, permits them to begin wondering of other things in their life like the way that they are going to maintain their children in school all out by means of secondary education. It's seriously fascinating. "

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Primary iOS news of the week: iphone 3g trade in, hack fix, Could Watch in stores

Apple includes temporary fix for messaging compromise

Haymarket Check iPhone 6 Case

A nasty hack was recently learned that let a malicious text smash the Messages app and in some cases system the phone. It worked by giving a specific message in Arabic to some iPhone.

Apple jumped on it suddenly and has provided a temporary fix before company can eradicate it once and for all.

Apple increases trade-in value with respect to old iPhones

Apple has been giving them owners who trade in just one iPhones for new ones a small compliment. The company has recently raised this amount of money, which can only be obtained in Could Stores.

The raise in trade-in value pertains to the iPhone 4s, sex, and 5s. Trading in these units for best iPhone 6 case is now deserving $15 to $20 more single transaction.

Apple Watch to hit you are in two weeks

The Apple Watch over has only been available for purchase web based but that's soon to change. Flexalite has confirmed that the watch as well available for purchase in Apple Stores during two weeks.

Apple also stated it will clean out the backlog in the same thing timeframe for those who ordered in May.

ZDNet reports that adoption of iOS 8. 2 has risen after the availability of the Apple watch. The idea is that new watch owners work as anxious to get the most out of the hot device, and are updating iOS throughout the iPhone to do so.

Another possible purpose for the higher iOS 8. four usage is that Apple Watch people buying are also getting new iPhones do the job with with the watch.

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The second half of 2013, love surprise's 20 best conceptual design

January 1 to 1!

Life is, at best, more than 100 more than on January 1, it would inevitably have to summarize because of days like this – to bring you the second half of 2013 (June to November) loves surprising best ~ to facilitate classification, we will be divided into two parts, you see, is the 20 best conceptual design. Please enjoy.

20, Hop Picker creative watches

This is Russia designer Hop Picker (should is buddy of pseudonym) brings of a is praise of design, Super fresh of surface Shang only a article can around with Center turned of Red thin, acts as a pointer, and red pointer following, is is oval curve movement of digital dial, both interactive, on can clear to marked out current of accurate time--problem figure of GIF animation certainly is speed up has speed of, according to real time passes words, track on no so obviously has, but also interesting, not did?

19, the wind force Street lamp made of bamboo: Flow

From Studio IgenDesgin of creativity, Flow is a tailored for the third world, and wind energy Street lamp, made of bamboo, leaves and supports are made from bamboo, and the low energy consumption LED light source is used. In addition, the blade with the DNA spiral layout will have a LED on both sides, then, when the wind blows the leaves turning generation, LED will be lit, became very beautiful lamps. Despicable me new iPad case

18, trunks

Kenchikukagu designs from designers, this is some super nice folding furniture design, looks like three different sizes, but with wheel suitcases, but to expand them, you'll have access to a kitchen, a study and a bedroom.

17, long tail clip w/Hook: Hook-Shaped Fancy Binder

From Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of technology, a group of creative designers, long tail clip with hook (Hook-Shaped Fancy Binder) by a little change, making long tail clip more practical:

The two "tail" into the hook shape, and function of the clip itself is not affected, but when you want to hang something when this thing can put to use--for example, put the clip on the edge of the table, it becomes a nice link ~

Humidifier 16, volcano: the Volcano Humidifier

From designer Dae-hoo Kim's creativity, if you happen to need a device like this, then the humidifier the volcano (Volcano Humidifier) is definitely worth starting with sexy-Yes, we can use "hot" Word to describe a humidifier, as long as it is the same as the humidifier:

Main of features has three, first is styling, similar volcano as of styling, added water is from top Department directly to in pour, work of when, steam is from this cut to outside spray, distribution Shang light of lights effects, it looks really of is a seat volcano; second, has quite more of style, and, each paragraph are is mutatis mutandis this world real exists volcano of features for build, like Yellowstone Park paragraph, like Fuji paragraph; last, is most praise of is, it work of when also has quite more of pattern, Steam can spray straight up, you can gently down to the side, smoke rings can also be used in the form of a circle round out, rise in a circle round, pale and disappear ... ...

15, ball bath: Bathsphere

Said one of life, it is in the mother's womb when a most comfortable stay, floated in the warm liquid, well-fed, and don't have to pay the electricity, water and property management fees-this feels really good, enough to make modern life into Dog feces infinite longing ... ... But we are not back to the past, the most, that is, in this unique ball-shaped bathtub (Bathsphere) memory:

From designer Alexander Zhukovsky's ideas, this bathtub is, of course, spherical, transparent glass, and the suspension Setup is adopted, rather than resting on the floor--so the whole design looks so futuristic, combined with lighting effects, like a science fiction movie. Function is also very tough, on one side of the tub has a circular entrance, inside, you can shower with a built-in sprinkler system at the top, could spill out like rain drops, and change the whole spherical tub temperature, humidity, brightness, sound, and even smell – want to walk trails in the forest of drizzling rainy season? Or lie in the Tulip flower aroma intoxicating? Oh, even wanted to sing a song of sorrow of castamere rainy seasons, it can be ... ...

Also, since is bathtub, no traditional meaning Shang "bathtub" of function, so is justified, so Bathsphere of bottom is can water of--Dang you storage have small hemisphere water, please lying in inside, off lights, window lights flashing, but mist has fuzzy you of eyes, you only need in such a only belongs to you himself of bubble in the silence, quietly to thinking life...... Designers said, because this is the suspension Setup, so this time, it can even feel like you create a feeling of weightlessness.

14, glass balloon lights: Memory Lights

British John Moncrieff brings of Memory Lights balloon lamp, first, this goods used has color glass shell, texture very Rod; second, it of interface design have is clever, can wall, also can ceiling using, and installation good zhihou, whole lamp lamp except natural pendant of pull switch zhiwai, not see other any lossy beautiful of things; last, designer will of named for "memory" (Memory)--specific to you, you will Lenovo to some what does? Balloon? Jelly beans? Childhood bizarre dreams and fantasies?

13, grew up with pots and plants: Growing Basin

If you are a people who love flowers and grass, then maybe you can do a similar thing, and that is change--small little, and then move to a bigger pot ... ... Well, this is a nuisance, like my father-in-law is in for the injured lumbar admitted lying for six months ... ... So, Chinese architect Zhao Lin (sound, Zhao Lin), who brought this "grew up with pots and plants" (Growing Basin), what is a more convenient solution:

Simply put, this is a frilly flower pot, is made of polymeric material, the first time, it's smaller, surrounded by the folded edge. But as the plants grew up, the entire pot is slowly stretched, becoming more and more fullness, until finally, the wrinkles disappear into a rounded circular flower pot ~

12, the cloud flower pots: Rainy Pot

Despicable Me Minion Silicone Case for iPad 2 3 4 Dark Blue

Design from designer Jeong Seungbin, cloud flower pots (Rainy Pot) is a small, wall-mounted accessories, white clouds from above and below the small pots two parts. The main mystery is in the clouds, it is a kind of aesthetic considerations, and has practical uses--it amounts to a sink, water when poured water directly inside the clouds, clouds will slowly dripping water drop by drop into pot ... ... At this point, it looks as though it is floated to a rain cloud on the horizon, isn't it?

Designer says he so dealt with, at least to solve two problems, first of all, pouring a water pipe for a long time, because the water will be stored in the cloud, people will be more energy-efficient and, secondly, it can avoid a damage from too much watering plants. Two birds.

11, drill cleaners: Motorless Vacuum

Not know is who said, each men, in mind in the are has full of side wall, above hanging with various tool--so you is should forgive male people are is equipment party, and tool control, in do "any thing" of when, hand in are like took with a things tinker ~ like brother, on home in prepared has a small of impact drill, nothing in wall Shang playing hole installation points what things, that is again convenient but ~

--Well, except for the fact that each Spud, is full of ash in the always ... ... Try drill dust collector from designer Seokhui Kim (Motorless Vacuum), can effectively solve this problem:

Equivalent to is a additional of handles, will of sets in drill front-end on can using, then, this put hand since with a trumpet of sucking dust sets, using of when, drill of bit through this sucking dust sets, for for to drilling of target Shang, then, drill itself will led put hands of Turbo rotating, produced suction, to put sucking dust sets in the, and because drilling and produced of dust all sucking to handles lower of empty warehouse in the. This drill at the end, simply put in the hands of the dust into the trash can on the line elsewhere, such as walls, such as corners, there will be no dust.

10, IBM smarter cities Billboard: IBM Smarter Cities

Billboards are everywhere! Whether you like it or not, they are all over the city and invade every inch of your life ... ... However, even if you hate ads, IBM "smarter cities" (Smarter Cities), this series of billboards, you probably can't help but accept it:

From Austrian beauty advertising of creative, this series of advertising brand, no longer just is content of carrier, but itself are has has must of function, like, it is rain Shi let you hiding rain of small rain shed, is let stepped variable flat of no obstacles ramp, is waist acid leg pain Shi comfortable of bench--IBM called human technology of a symbol, and technology, always should for human benefit, with to human more convenience of--Ogilvy of this series advertising, this concept of reflected can be described as incisively has.

Plant pot 9, wrinkle: Skin Pot

Students from China's Gong Yan (sound, Gong Yan), who designs, wrinkled flower pots (Skin Pot), in a more interesting and more visible way to tell people, "I was short of water, give me water":

Pots made of some kind of material that can absorb water, when you water it, it can absorb some of the excess water, and stores. With the consumption of water, this part of it and to store the water release, and wrinkled, almost until the water consumption will become wrinkled like a dryland. At this point, if you think of water, it absorbs moisture, and restore clean and smooth.

8, avoid ironing straw: Anti-scald Straw

Perhaps you have encountered a straw down, from the tongue to the throat to the stomach is called upon by the hot surprise sad story ... ... This avoid ironing straw (Anti-scald Straw) has its own value of existence, pipette lower part (part of the bubbles in the drink) has a temperature-sensitive structures, so if the beverage temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius, the goods will be enlargement, straw plugs, so you suck it ~

7, easy to use adhesive tape: Concave Adhesive Tape

Designer Ke Dawei from China (sound, Ke Dawei) design easy to use adhesive tape (Concave Adhesive Tape), sealing tape, such as duct tape into concave forms, and every time we run out of tape, don't have to worry about the next use will find no end. Despicable me iPad 4 case

6, magnetic zip: Magzip

We probably daily will with to zipper, but, since 1890 that called Judson of people invention this stuff yilai, more than 100 years passed, it of structure and zhiqian almost no too big difference, so, even is in human dream with landing Mars of era, we daily still have carefully to alignment zipper of on both sides, then will of carefully to pulled up, case every now and then to will face of card live small trouble......

A company called the Under Armour said, okay, it's time to make some improvements, for example, on the zipper pull should be more simple and convenient--which is magnetic zipper (Magzip):

Idea is simple, the two connectors of the zipper structure was improved, and material changes to it can suck with magnetic material. Then, zip up, the action more simple than ever, is when it is used in clothing, for example, placed the two hem, zipper together, and then--on the one hand to pull it all, just like the GIF above smooth ~

At present, the Magzip zipper has applied for a patent, the scale listed in 2014.

5, infinite rulers: Consistent-motion Ruler

Should everyone with a ruler figure, right? Very convenient, but if you are going for a pretty long line, far exceeding the length of the ruler itself, what should you do? Under normal circumstances, we had to draw in part, then, using a ruler than this part, then draw the next part of ... ... Trouble said, also will draw more tippy-the infinite ruler from designer Myeongjin Kim (Consistent-motion Ruler), will solve this problem:

Looks on like is a l styling of ruler, maximum of different is, ruler on with scale of addition side, design has a can split off of square sliding block, so, if we need painting some over ruler measure of line, we can with hand press sliding block, painting a article line, then, keep sliding block not moving of premise Xia, moved ruler itself, again painting a article line--sliding block on equivalent to is a fixed points, ensure two times painting Xia of line can even into straight of a article line ~ so repeatedly, again long of line also can easily draws has.

4, blocks cell phone: Phonebloks

Is a is in compared initial stage of project, is has great of ambitions, they intends to again once "again invention phone"--will phone all of parts, according to function divided into several relative independent of module, like photo of function, storage of function, and screen, and base board, and battery, and processor,, are into a blocks as of block, so we can like play high as, himself assembled out one new of phone, or on existing phone of function for again design, like, Replaced has cannot meet himself of module, or, dang himself has not need a species function, so we completely can will of removed, and will resources with in other more need of function Shang, typical of example including, I to to travel, so, I may should to phone for Shang more cock of lens, and or, I is elderly, so, relative Yu other fancy of parts, a voice more big of Horn, only more meet I of needs.

Scenes such as these, in short, mobile hopes to achieve the goal of building blocks is that cell phones can be fully customizable, with upgrade--you want to change a cell phone, that does not mean that you are not satisfied with this phone is all, you want to replace, maybe only one of those parts, faster? Battery more? Block phone will satisfy this demand. In addition, the October news is that Phonebloks and Motorola have tried together, they will work together to promote this project--very sharp!

3, more sanitary cans: Drink with Clean

Has paragraph time, online had popular had a rumors, along the is, a supermarket of Red cattle cans, sealing at was mouse pollution, if opened directly on drink words, will infection a very terrorist of disease--good's, love rare and didn't want to do a period "rumors end who", we only wants to introduced a paragraph solution this class problem of design, this is more health of cans (Drink with Clean):

From China designer Cheng Hang (sound, Cheng Hang), 4 bit beauty of design, this paragraph cans packaging design is this year Red points design award (Reddot Design Award) of award works, in General cans of sealing location increased a layer posted film, does not effect people drinking, because opened of when on can automatically tore to, but is can avoid this sensitive of location in beverage factory zhihou was pollution.

2, flexible food packaging: Eat and Go

From Olga Gambaryan, who designs scalable food packaging (Eat and Go) is a very creative:

Structure similar Yu accordion, will sandwich like of loaded in inside, eat is on compression a points, never will lane dirty hand ~ designer said, this paragraph creative has long, and short two species specifications, long of applies Yu sandwich like of things, short of that, is with cover, can used to loaded soup what--two a match in with, Super for outside sold like, its maximum of features is, inside loaded of things can more can less, so it length also on can long can short, at any time keep relative minimum of State.

1, the window of noise silencers: Sono

Ever since on the site across the street roared awake all night long all night long? Now, designer Rudolf Stefanich brings the noise muffler on the window (Sono), are expected to reason and a perfect solution to the problem, then don't open the window and shout XXX:

Looks like a slightly irregular shape of the discs, will be posted on the window, and then, it can automatically analyze the Windows main noise sources, then you can choose one of the silencers--judging from the video, the touch of a button, the corresponding noise disappear immediately! Quite a cool and practical design!!

Guess, what is it?

Guess, what is it? Hey, answers Refer to content. Alexander Mcqueen iPhone case

Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 5s Case Zebra

Did you guess? This goods actually is ceramic material of USB flash drive ~ from work room Sagmeister and Walsh of creative, this is they for home font design exhibition launched of limited version souvenirs, black end of white of box inside, is color of lining end of and ceramic USB flash drive--and each USB flash drive are like is a cut Octopus tentacles General, to strange of angle twisted with, seems to you gently of a touch, it on will began Gilles......

Well, although this idea is not going to design a creative USB flash drive, but ... ... Really really want. Alexander Mcqueen iPhone

Design: Sagmeister and Walsh (website:

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dry shoes with fans: FANtastic

Your dry shoes with fans? Do not just throw it away ~ Kate Spade iPhone 6

Love curious have introduced Sweden Dr.SHOE shoe care experts and a tour de force – fan dry shoes (FANtastic), dry double, rapid sterilization! Their fans with compact design and flexibility, and inside the shoe to dry in depth. And use no brush fans, ultra-quiet, speed up to 5000 rpm, also quiet detail, keep efficient air, deep and dry, deodorization sterilization at the same time, not because traditional dry shoes heating shoes damaged design itself. Kate Spade

Kate Spade iPhone 6 Case Cross Grain

Offer two drying mode choice: 1 hour fast dry and extra dry for 3 hours. In full power mode, can be used 3 times 1 hour fast dry mode. Equipped with Ultra mini portable charging base, with a small hole, and can easily be fixed to the wall. Love unusual creative grocery store for sale.

Love unusual creative grocery store for sale.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Elite Ultra Thin Transparent Flip Advantages of iPhone 6 Product url

Elite Ultra Thin Transparent Flip Advantages of iPhone | Konga Nigeria

I like iPhone flip cases. I have many years experience about iPhone flip cases.More information about flip iPhone case. It is a helpful resource for your referFlip Leather Case for Apple iPhone 5

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Creative BELKIN Running Case for iPhone 6

BELKIN WLIM-FIT metal iPhone 6 case ARMBAND: ENGINEERED FOR THE PERFECT FITThe top of the line Slim-Fit Plus iPhone 6 Armband doesn't just protect your cell phones while you're exercising - it's also tremendously comfortable to wear. The secure fit and so slim design stays out of your tactic, so you forget you're even putting it on. Now you can concentrate on your workout, not necessarily quite your device. The original price had been 39 AUD, you can get this new a particular for 20 AUD.

More information about aluminum iPhone 6 case. It is a helpful resource for your referTOTU Knight Ultra Slim Aluminium iPhone 6 Case Champagne Gold

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sound of Squidward loving the SpongeBob ride

An actor since 75, Rodger Bumpass has been to myriad auditions.

Moschino iPhone 5S Case SpongeBob SquarePants

On one such audition back in the 1990s, Bumpass found gold if he landed the role as the phone of Squidward Tentacles, one of the most esteemed curmudgeons on television, on Nickelodeon's largely popular, long-running animated series, Spongebob case SquarePants.

"This was just another season casting, '' the 63-year-old Bumpass recounted Saturday while attending the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Spongebob SquarePants iPhone 5 case SquarePants 400 at Kansas Speedway. "You go to your agent's office, you may audition, and then you forget about it also. That's how you do things. Then I gained the part, we did the preliminary and I saw the pilot u thought, 'Well, that's OK. '

"About a year or two later I pointed out to strangers on the street that I worked tirelessly on this show and their eyes gained big as saucers and they recounted, 'Wow, my goodness, you are therefore hip. ' And I thought, 'Well, this thing might be catching on discuss, ' and it just kept departing and going and going. ''

Bumpass admits he has been due to surprised as anyone that the show is now the TV icon it has.

"I need feign total ignorance on this by way of I don't think anybody had most idea it would catch on, '' he said. "It just make a chord for some reason. The whole crew has been there from the beginning in 1999 when you premiered on Nickelodeon. We have burned out one of our cast members, regretably Ernest Borgnine, and we all skip him greatly, but (otherwise) we are all the original editions. ''

Bumpass considers some of the show's popularity comes from the belief that many viewers of all ages can identify with it also.

"Little kids get something out of it by way of it's animation and it's silly, '' Bumpass said. "Teenagers get something from the jawhorse because it's got some of those little personal references in there (that they like), as adults just know funny is relaxed. Age has nothing to do with your appreciation on this show. ''

Viewers also relate to Bumpass' Squidward character, who a lot of time has a great disdain for almost nearly everybody around him.

"I'm one of the adult patients in the show, '' he recounted. "Me and Mr. Krabs is also the adults and he at least enjoys the woman money. His idea of a romantic day is going and having dinner along with his cash register. But me, I'm presented in the food service sector, under-appreciated, underpaid, under water and I think everyone around me is just this untalented mass of cretins and I need work with SpongeBob and have to live after him and Patrick at the same time.

"I'm the recipient of the insanity concerned with either side of me, though every so often I just get to go off and simply go crazy. ''

Bumpass recounted most people may not realize how problematic voice work is.

"Some customers say, 'Oh, you do voice accomplish the task, do you ever get a chance to do any actress'? ' '' Bumpass said. "Well, voice work is acting by way of handicap, a major handicap -- number of hands tied behind your back, number of legs tied behind your back so a sack over your head. All you have most likely the voice and the character to create including thing, so it's always been a challenge though it's always very much fun, too. ''

Bumpass doesn't have any idea regardless of the SpongeBob phenomenon will embark on.

"Who knows? We just before its due our second film, which carried out even better than the first film -- a lot better actually -- and we went about right back with the TV show. We've got quite two seasons of that, with an accessibility to something else, and we've got some new experts. I think it's still got thigh. ''

And as long as SpongeBob lasts, Bumpass plans to enjoy the ride.

"That's what I told myself from the to begin with, '' he said. "I recounted, 'I'm riding this pony. ' If I'm around kids I will steer the conversation to characters because it's so much fun when you do your current voice and that recognition happens and the jaws drop and the first thing many think is, 'No way! '

"You say, 'Well somebody has to undertake it and I just happen to be that youngster. ' I'm very lucky. ''

Related: Jimmie Johnson rallies about third Kansas Speeday victory towards SpongeBob SquarePants 400.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


polka dot case Studio @polkadot_studio Instagram photos | Websta (Webstagram)

White Polka Dot iPhone 5c Case TPU

#logo a background:url(/img/logo20150604.png) no-repeat scroll 0 0/ 205px 95px transparent;

@media only tv screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2),

only tv screen and (min-device-pixel-ratio: 2) #logo a proven experience: url(/img/logo20150604. png) no-repeat scroll zero 0/ 205px 95px transparent

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Diane von Furstenberg luggage silver carryon

Gorgeous, only used once, carry on bag luggage from Diane Von Furstenberg iPhone 5 case - the color is silver and simply noticeable on the luggage carousel at all the airport. Her luggage sets could cost $400+. **small scuff on the bottom corner** zipper on sides allows you to build the bag

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG DVF iPhone 5/5S Case Love is Life Black

do NOT contact me due to unsolicited services or offers

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Plainly Cavalli Mirrored Baroque Ring Tee

Be royal in the Just Cavalli iPhone case™ Mirrored Baroque Ring Tee.

Just Cavalli iPhone 5 Case Python

Application measurements were taken using breadth LG (US MD). Please note in measurements may vary by size.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

With battery charging cable: Jump Backup Battery Charger

When faced with a product like Jump cord, you can become very confusing, it should be classified as what? We take a look at: Disney iPhone case

From Native Union of produced, this goods actually is charging line and mobile power of hybrid body, volume small, only 5 cm square, and weight more is only 40 grams--usually, this goods can on as General charging line to with, clever of design, let two root line can perfect storage, put in package package in is are not caused chaos, with of when, took out a received power (charger or computer USB mouth) a received phone on line has--and General charging line no difference, just, Its built-in battery will also charge; in times of need, it also can be used as a mobile power, mobile phones provide at least 3 hours of extra talk time. Disney iPhone 5 case

So, you see, this is a can be used as a mobile power charging cord, it can completely replace your existing cord, tidier and more useful. Currently presale, $ 40 a set, booking the address here:, seemingly old liked this design, target capital of 40,000 dollars, and now has raised more than 200,000 dollars ~

Design: Native Union price: $ 40 presale address:

DISNEY Mickey Cartoon Silicone Rubber Case Cover for iPhone 5/5S

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Easy Dutch candy packaging: Halls Packaging Concept

Many people are has carry with article load's Mint sugar of habits, single packaging easy carry, inside a grain a grain of candy, meal to Shang a grain is very comfortable of--just, take with of when seems to not too convenient, must have put outside packaging tore off to pour out sugar to, but tore packaging, is will led to left of sugar save inconvenience......

Marc By Marc Jacobs Black Boston Terrier Silicone iPhone 5 Case

Look at this, Dutch candy wrappers from designer Andrew Zo (Halls Packaging Concept), an ingenious solution to these problems: Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone 5 case

GIF images on directly, do you understand? Designers added a piece of white paper in the original packaging, using it to separate sugar and, when necessary, hold exposed notes gently pull, can pull the candy a grain by grain, access is more convenient, but, due to the original packaging will not be destroyed, but also facilitate the preservation of the remaining candies. Marc Jacobs iPhone

Designer: Andrew Zo country: Canada home page:

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"Love is new time machine" balancing candle holder

A very elegant design, balanced Poise candlestick, the beauty of metal bent into a curve, weight allows it to be balanced perfectly in the corner of the table and prop up a tall white candle--although this topic has been said to have indiscriminate effects, but I still want to say, on February 14, dinner, and used it to accompany. Moschino iPhone 6 plus cases

From the United Kingdom Studio Two Create creative, unusual far in 2004 by love for you back. Moschino iPhone 6 plus cases


Design: Two Create country: United Kingdom Home page:

Monday, August 10, 2015

"Love rare direct purchase" iPhone into a retro cassette stereo: iRecorder speakers

If you are a $literal, must remember to accompany the audio tape, at that time, the cool thing to carry dry batteries recorder posing and show break dance bunch ... ... iPhone solar charger

iPhone 5 Solar Charger

IRecorder speaker of this retro style, shape and the Sanyo tape recorder, is specially designed for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S outside of the speaker, use a battery or USB power, can control the play music phone, previous, next, play/stop, volume control, people come back to the youth ... ...

Love strange love rare Pat shop Taobao shop, for sale.

"Product information" brand: United Kingdom Thumbsup name: iRecorder speaker origin: Chinese size: 23*15*5cm material: ABS includes: body, USB cable weight: 600 g applies: iPhone4/4S/5/5S use only battery: 3, 5th battery (this product is not included) or via USB to take power packaging: tray

With immediate effect, with micro-add a love letter to strange as a friend, there are new surprises every day ~ method: (1) micro-scanning the QR code on the left of the letter, (2) micro-adding friends, "love strange", or "aixiqi520", can be ~

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Chinese style design, UMD m Pocket

This is Shanghai of "thaw design" for organic agricultural brand "Feng times agricultural products" brings of a paragraph full China wind of packaging design, annually has fish meters Pocket (Fish and Rice), within loaded 10 kg of rice, except has traditional blessing Proverbs of auspicious means, function Shang also reference has Dalian, on both sides are loaded Shang rice zhihou, Middle natural to on into put hand, regardless of is with hand carrying also is hanging shoulder Shang, are very convenient, easily handling ~ iPhone 6 plus case Givenchy

Design: inclusion by design country: China home page:

Givenchy iPhone 6 Plus Case Bambi

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Super cow toys remote control helicopter, capable of lifting a grown soft sister!

Love unusual remote control toy helicopter that had also introduced some fun before, but you can imagine, this world actually exists such a remote control toy, to lift tough can lift an adult soft sister! mini speaker

See video text, two big men with their heavy finger grip with two sophisticated remote control, each control a remote control helicopter, under both together, incredibly pink skirt sister lift off the ground at least 3, 4 meters high, in one fell swoop overturned people's traditional understanding of remote control toys! According to photographer HeliGraphix video website, both helicopters are model helicopter, toy helicopters than usual to be larger (love strange 1-metre rink), the lifting force is larger, its greatest power can lift even a small boat!

Portable Speaker Hi-Rice SD-108 with TF Card/FM Radio

Photograph: HeliGraphix home page: mini speaker

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Animal father let her suck on little girls birthday ... ...

Well, don't be scared by the title, I really wanted to tell a touching story: iPhone 6 transparent case

In the minds of every father has a lovely daughter, and the daughter, dads may be able to do anything ... ... Like, today love rare to introduced of this dad, to to daughter of five age birthday left a memorable of "sweet" memories, he assembled has a root up 150 feet (nearly 46 meters) of super long straw, from a bottle sweet of juice out, this straw first around into has birthday happy of words, then bypass balcony of railing, crossed a Layer II layer of stairs, last wear spent Butterfly like voted into downstairs dew stage lazy lying with Sun Sun of small daughter mouth in...... transparent iPhone 6

Ultra Thin Transparent TPU iPhone 6 Case Blue

Gee, sucking on one, beautiful little girl ~


Friday, August 7, 2015

Infinite hourglass magnet light

This is the Pani Jurek and architect Piotr Musialowski brings together a very cool lighting effect, magnetic hourglass lamp (Kolo Sand and Kolo Magnet Lamps)-how good? Directly on the first video, at a glance:

Did you see? Good's, actually love rare also didn't how lane understand this goods of principle, roughly is such of, we can with to discussion: (1) first, this goods is by size two a round structure composition; (2) round in the built-in has light and sand leak, sand leak in the sand of form can changes, and has two species basic of mode, can Xia leak, also can not leak; (3) small round seems to with magnetic, can regulation lights strength, and can change round in the sand of layout form.

Basically, the specific principle or structure, students can figure out? ~ Lifeproof iPhone case

Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case Black

Designer: Pani Jurek,Piotr Musialowski iPhone 5s lifeproof case

Thursday, August 6, 2015

"Love rare direct purchase" original beech wood toy kangaroos and koalas

From original design and brand of Yuefu Bamloff creative, Super sense of beech wood toys, joint activities of kangaroos and koalas, shelf display, with which children grow up at home or gifts to friends, is a good choice. 100% environmental protection material. Not just a toy, it is worthy of display in the shelves of art. Otterbox S3 defender

Samsung Galaxy S3 Otterbox Defender Case with Realtree camo

Love strange love rare Pat shop Taobao shop, for sale.

"Considerations" internal use 1, toy rubber connections, joints don't overexert or had broken drag and deformation shall be within the scope of activities, so as to avoid damage. 2, natural wood with unique textures every different toy lines, also may have slightly different shades of color differences, hand crafted and subtle defects can also occur during the installation process, does not affect the overall quality, please note, snobs buy carefully. 3, you can choose to buy the trees bear or Koala or Kangaroo + Kangaroo, purchase trees bear + Kangaroo send display 1.

"Commodity information" property: original authentic (Designer directly shipping) brand: ban Mun Yuefu Bamloff origin: China size: Kangaroo 15*4.5*14.5CM, and tree bear 10*6.5*7CM packaging: fine Kraft box, can reference class door Yuefu other products packaging style material: main material are for Germany FSC forest management system certification natural beech wood, on human absolute harmless, meet European and United States toy security standard, quality best, can provides test report, to baby play also relief. Suitable for 3 years ~103 years

With immediate effect, with micro-add a love letter to strange as a friend, there are new surprises every day ~ method: (1) micro-scanning the QR code on the left of the letter, (2) micro-adding friends, "love strange", or "aixiqi520", can be ~

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Page: Swarovski

This year's highly awaited Savage Beauty retrospective of Alexander Mcqueen iPhone 5 case's work at the V&A reveals more than twenty pieces dominated by- Swarovski crystals. A key item representing the application of stones to McQueen's models is the Bell Jar dress. Near March this year Nadja Swarovski, could be the, great grand-daughter of Daniel Swarovski credited McQueen with reviving the label and securing its place getting must-have product, employing the deposits in design unique to her/his style: "He developed innovative, innovative new applications for our products, and put these types of back on the map for a number of designers, like Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, who ok continue to push fashion forward. "

Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 5s Case Leopard

The collaboration between Swarovski and as well as McQueen saw Swarovski's product line enlarged to meet the surge in essential demand. There are two aspects to help you Swarovski's operation, the production and sale for "elements" (loose crystals) to the popularity industry; and second developing design-led finished products through its own merchandising subsidiaries Swarovski, Daniel Swarovski and as well as Atelier Swarovski, catering to a variety budgets.

Swarovski emerged in 1895 when Daniel Swarovski travelled to Wattens in Austria, cutting and perfecting crystal stones using the grinding operations that he had patented. In 1965 aceomatic started working with the fine charms industry, providing precision-cut natural gem stones and synthetically created stones.

Following success of its partnership with This sort of, Swarovski became a major sponsor within the 2004 film The Phantom within the Opera, with the "standing" model of the custom-made chandelier formed entirely from deposits, as well as being considerably incorporated to costume design. The brand also aspects in the storyline, with Christine's gemstone shown as being bought from a Swarovski shop. Furthermore, since 2004 Swarovski is responsible for creating the star adorning the premier of the Rockefeller Christmas tree into New York, an upscaled version of the years edition decorations which have been a program of the Swarovski portfolio since 1991.

Increased product placement has regarded Swarovski products appearing in music-video by Jennifer Lopez and Nellie Furtado; a range of jewellery which regarded in the last James Bond film Skyfall was probably well-received and popular in the A/W 2012 collection. Elements crystals can also be used to embellish bottles of Moët et Chandon champagne and implemented in intricate nail art models. In one of the most recent collaborative exercises Viktor and Rolf worked alongside Studio Swarovski to create its A/ W/ 2014 collection, informed by a subdued approach characterised by contrasting designs of fabric against the crystal, and trendy against matte surfaced stones.

In today's times, the company remains a family owned and as well as run business, reporting a renouvellement of €2. 38 billion news for 2012, employing 25, 000 people as well as its, with a global reach to one hundred twenty countries.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

iphone 4s clear case uk iphone 5c case vintage. it, iphone 4s clear case uk iphone 4s cases...

iphone 3g clear case uk iphone case 4s urban outfitters 90s

Samsung Galaxy S4 Otterbox Commuter Case Aqua Blue

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Geri İzlemeler Hakkında iphone 4s clear case uk iphone 5c case vintage. it iphone case vans murah iphone 3g clear case uk iphone case wood grain

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Monday, August 3, 2015

This hammock is not a can of Coke: Chammock

This is a hammock Chammock lighter than a can of Coke, the total weight of 270g! First table chicken, fold it up and let us take a look at how big, look, there is no mini iPad! Design team said that the folded pillow can be made using, Oh, well, corbelling, like Feng Qian heads certainly does not match!

Don't look at people such as light as yan, loading capacity is also prescription drops, because, said design team uses the highest quality nylon material, and the ring lightweight aluminum carabiner. Moschino iPad 4 case

This won the red dot design award of the year 2015, at present, this is Kickstarter to raise, the price is not cheap-$ 79, is said to have raised more expensive at the end, the market price of 110 dollars.

Moschino McDonalds French Fries Case for iPad 2/3/4

[via] Moschino iPad case

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Marc Jacobs: I match scent inside clothes

Marc Jacobs iPhone 6 plus: I accentuate scent to clothes● FashionBy Saturday World

Marc By Marc Jacobs Boston Terrier Silicone Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Marc Jacobs iPhone plus considered has long been clothing collection when designing his valuable fragrance.

The designer has become a force grow to be reckoned with in the world of scent, regarding his Daisy series one of the most popular perfume on the market.

His latest offering, Decadence, has allowed Marc to go in a completely new direction.

"I thought about where i was going with clothes, the direction through which I'd like my company to spend in terms of the things we were producing while where I was at aesthetically. For you, everything weighs in and plays role, " Marc told WWD.

"I felt like the next story to tell were basically one of this indulgence of pleasure while luxury, because that's what decadence is. And I had to tell that the majority of in a way that was irreverent, which is definitely part of who I am and how people tell stories, which is with an offhanded, irreverent sense of glamour, rather than close glamour - something a bit more non-traditional. "

The glamorous smell happens to be complimented with a glitzy bottle. This situation resembles a green handbag, with a bulllion chain and a black tassel at the end which Marc calls a personal mascota.

"I wanted something that evoked some of the sense of a bag, with python and gold chain and a black and white silk tassel, so it had a more than a little opulence and glamour and became a subject of desire.

"I like the ideal that extrovert, that show-off, and am like the things that symbolise her can whether it's the beads in addition to feathers or the sequins. It's the trappings of the extrovert more interesting for me than they ever were ahead of, " Marc explained of the functions of his latest perfume appeal.

Last month Adriana Lima was resolved as the face of Decadence.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

"Love rare direct purchase", "whether the wood" says: no Cup is not good with views of flower pots

You have either a lot of cups, experience a variety of creative, mouths and all kinds of materials have been grouchy, stainless steel, glass, plastic, ... ... We are introducing today is whether the wood enamel cup, except in the technology and the material is very particular about (whether wood enamel factory, introducing Japan original production line, hundred percent steel), each glass pattern is little works of art. FENDI iPhone case

Zuo Mu right no, ancient meaning for the Cup, "whether the wood" by a group of discerning research on independence (Designer), focused on finding healthy, delicate cups.

Glass pattern may not have highlights, Yes, painting master too much now. Whether the wood is special because, for every two cups of the combined is a scene of beauty-please look at the pictures, and a cup of tea and a book to build a comfortable afternoon, take a hot bath a safe night's sleep and you'll have a sweet dream ... ... Home not to hang paintings, mounted the word beauty, whether wood enamel cups other than water, as an ornament are also excellent. FENDI iPhone case

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What, are you too fat! Well, inner diameter 8cm seemingly is not skinny, but have you ever thought of some small plants, as a pot, it is very pretty, isn't it!

Inviting, venue and rare treasure of love!