Thursday, July 23, 2015

Went sat where Chairless ~ stealth Chair Chair

Where if you work in a factory, warehouse, kitchen or restaurant, you'll know how much standing for hours at a time to fatigue. Also, your work will not let you take a stool and walking around. This is why Switzerland Noonee create Chairless Chair. Wearing of it like a bone, fixed to the legs, do not affect walking and running. As long as you want, it will be locked to a supporting position so that you can break at any time.

Chairless Chair do not need to touch the ground, and worn with a belt fixed to the hips, thighs, and rear foot, using an active variable damping is used to support the wearer's body weight. The wearer just bend your knees and down to a sitting position, and then press the button to start it. The aim of fatigue weight support, rather than continually bear the weight. Whole frame made of aluminum and carbon fiber and weighs about 2 kg. One-time charge 6 volt battery, provide damper 8 hours of uninterrupted performance. Just Cavalli iPad case

Noonee company CEO, said the idea came from him 12 years ago, in packaging line of my first job. There is currently no commercial pricing is expected to begin testing in production line workers at BMW and AUDI. Needs of an organization, you can here contact Noonee. Just Cavalli iPad mini case

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