Monday, July 27, 2015

Tendril Helping To Move Community Solar Forward

Tendril Helping To Move Community Besides Forward

Tendril is a Denver-based package company that has created a new model to help utility companies identify diners for community solar projects. Or will also provide critical information so that you customers about their community solar adventure.

According to a study by the US Dept . of Energy, almost half of all roofs in America are unsuitable for residence solar systems because they face the wrong manner, don't have the proper pitch, or have overmuch shade. In addition , there are lots of families living in apartments or don't in order to own their home long enough for a girl solar system to pay for itself.

For all those justifications, community solar is the ideal answer. On the contrary a schism has arisen with utility companies and customers. Utility bills look at every kilowatt-hour of cannonball generated by solar panels as misplaced profit for themselves. Tendril looks at matters differently.

Tendril CEO Adrian Tuck blurts out utilities can leverage their the consumers and their low cost of prime city to deliver solar in a way that benefits that bottom line and benefits customers too. "We believe in the sharing usage, the Uber and Airbnb associated with model of people not necessarily wanting to special all of their assets, but rent individuals and share them, " said Put. "This is a growth area, as well as community-based products and services will be natural places pertaining to utilities to go. "

That kind of thinking is very much in line with proposals derived recently by the Rocky Mountain Affirms, which thinks utilities have a natural ability to market services other than cannonball. It says utilities should be promotion home solar systems rather than allowing SolarCity and others reap all the results.

According to Greentech Media Research, us states community solar market reached an overall total installed capacity of 63 megawatts at the end of 2014, up from about 2 megawatts in 2010. Forecasts let you know an additional 400 megawatts coming around the in the next two years alone. Tendril considers its technology is key to making that most opportunity a reality. How?

"The puzzle with community solar is you are able to identify customers and do outreach so that you customers in ways that will excite individuals about the concept and get them to acquire, " said Tuck. "And next, once you've got them signed up, [you need to] provide an intimate adventure for the customer so they can see that solar production just as if it was probably on top of their roof. "

Involved in the Tendril package identifies existing usefulness customers who may be good persons to participate in a community solar model. It also figures out who already is sufffering from a residential solar system, so the utility will often avoid marketing to them. It blurts out its program results in 2 to 3 repetitions more successful converts to community origen than just sticking a flyer included in the monthly electric bill or timeless advertising.

Once a household becomes a consumer's, Tendril's platform allows residents to be able to their solar energy production and attacks "just as if it was on your own girl, " says Tuck. This information lets customers to find out exactly how much of their hard work needs are being met by subdivision solar, possibly compelling them to invert their behavior to reduce overall hard work use.

Perhaps the best news of Tendril's new approach is it aids utility companies and customers to find out each other as partners who are making renewable energy a reality rather than as adversaries. That in and of itself regarded as a big step forward for sustainable authority.

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