Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Samsung's new waterproof phone leaks

Unquestionably the Galaxy S6 is Samsung's proper looking device ever, but it certainly is not waterproof iPhone 4.

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DISAPPOINTED that Samsung's most popular Galaxy S6 is no longer waterproof iPhone 4s just like its predecessor? It looks like Samsung blasts the phone for you.

Samsung has generally had the rugged Active group of devices, but the lack of a waterproof design on the Galaxy S6 suggests that this year's Active device it will take more than ever.

A leaked photo collected by GSMArenashows the new device, huge design and all. Unfortunately in an effort to accomplished its ruggedness, the device has mislaid everything about the design that completed the regular Galaxy S6 so awesome.

Not as pretty as the regular Universe S6. Photo: GSMArena

In terms of specialization skills, like last year's S5 In service, it's expected to have much the same internals as the regular S6. This includes some blazingly quick octa-core processor, very much as 128GB of storage and a 16-megapixel camera. It is said to have a much backpacks 3, 500mAh battery inside which will address the battery concerns through the regular Galaxy S6.

No Australian telcos stocked last year's Universe S5, however Vodafone exclusively filled 2013's Galaxy S4 Active, and we will have to wait and see whether the system will officially launch in Australia.

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