Sunday, June 28, 2015

The behind the Victoria's Secret example glow – and it's ONLY £15!

Ever wondered how choices get their amazing, dewy complexions?

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At the Arden's new Oxygen Blast Facelift is a firm favourite among the A-listers – and we gave it an experiment to see if we could get the same warm results.

When we heard the Palma Secret girls get a blast of its before they hit the catwalk stage, naturally we wanted to give it a go too. This approach newly launched facial works by taking your skin an instant oxygen hit. Truly applied by a therapist, using a small but successful air-gun to push the serum rock solid into your skin's cellular layers.

Should you do not want to turn up without any make-up using then you can have the treatment applied covering anything you're wearing - and if you're off out for the night plus want a smooth, plump base, afterward just turn up and they'll give your skin area a proper cleanse before the treatment proceeds on.

We gave it a go covering our makeup and the results are astonishing. Skin looks brighter, smoother even better hydrated - and it felt just softer the next day. A friendly option for the most sensitive of faces.

Elegance writer Zoe Cripps before and after

Give it a try yourself this month at Elizabeth Arden counters at Debenhams. It's £15 for 15 minutes - and have faith in us, it's money well spent.

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