Monday, June 29, 2015

"Submission" starting from pine cones, rain-sensing automatic awning

From the United Kingdom Royal College of art (Royal College of Art) contributes product design students Chen:

This is my graduation design works, rain-sensing automatic closure of the rain canopy (Water Reaction). This project is derived from the pine cones in water changes in materials research. I went through a large number of experiments, designed a two-layer material by combining lime bark and nylon material, to produce a deformation of water, dry and induction material restitution. With Designer point of view, combined with the problems in people's daily lives, applied materials, design products.

Well, now the Royal College of art graduation exhibition (June 25-July 5), interested friends or just in the United Kingdom, may wish to respect.

PS: on this met water on can change shape of material, except above introduced of this paragraph automatically block rain shed, currently Chen students also has addition two products, a is watering tips device, addition a is is can in rain in the gradually transform color of building wall surface--here also to everyone left points questions, also of principle, you think Chen students will how to achieved they does?

In addition, Chen student, you do not consider this material to the most secret treatment for Chinese men's diseases? Gee, hard water, Ah ~

Moschino iPhone 5S Case SpongeBob SquarePants

Chen Tongxue inspired pine cones, huddled in case of wet, dry and will open iPhone 5 Spongebob case

Such a structure or natural phenomena, abstract to say so

Apply this to the canopy, was born this is sensitive to the automatic opening and closing of the rain canopy

Usually shrinkage, increased natural lighting and ventilation, open automatically when it rains, play a role in rain, it really is very convenient

Well, finally talk about watering Tips--how do you think of it? Chen Tongxue is such a design, look at the pros and cons and what are your design:

Usually soft Spongebob iPhone 5s case

Tippin ' ... ...

Designer: Chen (Royal College of art) home page:

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