Monday, June 8, 2015

Eye-popping Couture Launches Fragrance With Absolutely new Face Behati Prinsloo

Hitting retail establishments in July, Juicy Couture iPhone case delivers revealed the first campaign image came into this world new scent I AM JUICY DISPOSITION. The ad features supermodel Behati Prinsloo — and she looks wonderful!

Juicy iPhone 5 Case Love

Behati Prinsloo is sure to smell as an angel now that she has become the encounter from the new I AM Juicy Couture iPhone 5 cases! Each of our romantic, fruity yet sexy scented is geared towards young, outgoing womans who want to be noticed — as well as you definitely will when wearing this scented!

The brand said in a press release: "I AM JUICY COUTURE is for the lady who lives and breathes Eye-popping Couture and always wants more. She has bold and fearless with an personalised spirit and style that makes a statement from the world.

I AM JUICY COUTURE mirrors the glamorous rebel in every Eye-popping girl. She daringly proclaims just who she is not in order to declare who have she is. She's a confident and so unabashed trend-setter with a casual and splendid sense of style. Never a wallflower, she has a dynamic personality the fact fascinates and enthralls, and a desirable femininity that creates a sensation when she goes. "

The smell combines gardenia and cashmere jungle along with notes of raspberry, dream fruit, sweet pea and silpada. You can get the new scent at Macy's and other stores starting in August.

Until then, pick up Juicy Couture's Hollywood Royal, with yummy notes out of apple, pear, jasmine, gardenia, and so vanilla.

Do you think Behati is the most suitable face of I AM JUICY DISPOSITION?

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