Friday, May 29, 2015

"Pre-sold" iron man helmet model 1:1 Bluetooth speaker

Really, there's so much!!! Iron Man 1:1 restored, officially licensed, limited to 1500, helmet numbers! All kinds of powder are, no matter if you love Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr is also. brain damage, was this big helmet agitate them passionately, right? MCM iPhone 6 case

Exquisite colored, realistic reduction to the metal. When plugged in and Bluetooth connection, are original movie sound, eyes can also cater for glow, like iron man, traveling around. In addition to Bluetooth wireless connections, will also meet 3.5mm audio input (or line). While also providing USB power output, iron man, although not around the reactor, but also to live up to his full of energy! MCM iPhone 6 Plus Case

MCM iPhone 6 Plus Case Brown

Global sale, shipped around June 30. Writing comes as already successful order for a coin. Do not hesitate! One of 1500, you cut your hand! Love unusual creative sale at the grocery store.

Love unusual creative sale at the grocery store.

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