Monday, May 4, 2015

Most adorable friend, the "skating Penguin" lets you grab the MOP

Although there is not much chance to see polar Penguin show, but in both cartoon and documentary, can see penguins, cute chubby stomach with ice skating. This super cute designer inspired classic thrown, Penguin puppets become the best partner, can not help but zezechengzan. Disney Samsung Note 4 case

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The "skating Penguin" applies to most electrostatic MOP on the market, simply MOP head when separated from the telescopic rod, fitted a lock after the penguins back then. Of course, you can also admire the penguins a happy, it directly from a string in rod ends, except that the picture "too much pain" I can't bear to see ... ...

Without exercise, good for penguins after showing the "skating stunts." Since then, the job of mopping the floor is no longer a chore, adults and children are queuing up to do! And, after use, you can also make your Penguin non-clearing day to rest, after the paper, it does not need to slide to slide to wipe the floor, dirty, but it can help you with another way to keep clean.

The "skating Penguin" design from Japan YOU+MORE! Studio, they launch a fresh style of designing small, recent animal design product is raised up discussion, for instance you can be surrounded by sleeping bear pillow, warm soft Panda bedspread Ah Ah Ah ... ... Are interested, go to the official website!

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