Thursday, May 21, 2015

Creative bookmarks: Hero's outstretched leg

From Ukraine creative designer Olena Mysnyk, bookmarks are made one by one character's outstretched leg-seems like heroes attempted to break free from the pages, and being stuck in there. Or, love fever powder must burrow into the book for a closer look ~ Otterbox defender iPad mini

This way, you can keep all by herself well, like legs on which one we choose, to restrain her with books. In addition to cute pet optional, beautiful legs for a few minutes more deeply stupid. However, when I finished reading love rare archive, originally there had been similar to stretching his legs before introduction of the bookmarking services. Different designers ' reading attitudes, different people.

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Hey, so here's the thing, here are the legs, do you know what is inside the book what people do: Otterbox defender iPad mini retina


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