Friday, May 1, 2015

Break their own bar ~ seven creative door designs

Yiqian, Cologne has seven weapons, each one to be human life; for now, Japan Studio Nendo has brought seven creative door designs, each for one:

1, the WALL: this style is called WALL, which is Chinese "walls" mean--Nendo think, in fact, is an extension of wall, so they should not be separated but should complement each other, so the door and the adjacent wall surfaces are decorated with picture frames and shelves, which together form a cozy family room.

2, HANG: the magnetic Board is installed inside of the door, so you can incorporate the necessary plants, trash cans, vases are on top, convenient and practical.

3, BABY: even if you're not a big fan of Huang Xiaoming, you should also know what the word means. Therefore, it is designed for families with children, the door still embedded in one corner of a door ~

4, KUMIKO: this is not a creative triumph, but the wonders of technology--is said to have used some sort of Japan-specific splicing technology of wood, deliberate styling of the entire door from the bottom right corner, to the upper part of the left no traces, in fact, are formed with a small wooden lattice, and does not require any nails. (PS: the information available, not sure, have a knowledgeable friend can mail corrections. )

5, and LAMP: looks on like is door of middle embedded with a lamp lamp--long ago zhiqian of so-called spy war drama is pop a bridge segment, that is with lamp of State to conveys sign, like if Windows side of lamp bright with, on description people temporarily security, from this angle for words, so this is a fan was for special industry of door, haha.

6, SLIDE: the upper part of the door is a sliding Board, and, when needed, you can open them, and do not need to open the door, you can communicate with the outside, such as signing a courier or something. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6 case

7, CORNER: this is today's seven creative love unusual favorite, the installation location at the corner of the door, a Maverick ~

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