Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bite of the warm, heated stir sticks With Me

Royal Park after 11 it is winter ... ... Want to have hot drinks to accompany cold weather, in General (class) people will be thinking of is the mug. What about class? Korea's Ryu Byung-Kwan, Mirin, Kim and Hee-Kyung Kim Hyun-young three, designed a heated stir sticks With Me, but with second class drop people warm winter ... ...

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With design for Me as you can see, its thoughtful clip-like design on the top, avoid too dark led consumers to drink Cup engulfing the great embarrassment. Rods can be made three separate temperature settings is 10 ° c, 55 c, and 100 c. Can not only meet the needs of mothers prepared and milk fever, may also meet the requirements of boiling hot features. Most surprising was that the hot summer, it can also provide a cool summer drink.

Blueprints show details including, With Me using the USB cable, LCD temperature display at the top. Do you need a partner like you or so? commuter Otterbox


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