Friday, May 8, 2015

3D printing, let the blind women "see" into the stomach of the baby

Tatiana Guerra is a blind girl lovely-although that did not prevent her from receiving love, and produce fruit, but as the mother of all over the world, can use ultrasound to get baby's first photos in the stomach when she felt extreme regret, because she could not see ... ...

That previously such a girl Tatiana, only in my heart forever buried the shame, but now, with the latest 3D printing, Tatiana would be "seeing" belly baby's dream: Moschino Samsung Galaxy S5 case

Full set of technologies provided by Huggies, approximately can be understood as a set of mobile 3D printer. Thus, Tatiana when visiting the prenatal, hospital baby ultrasound scan data collected available to the Huggies company, which model, and print again. Finally, when advance without the knowledge of the doctor Tatiana, Tatiana's baby photos to 3D print time, girls (with both hands) to "see" your baby!

That sentence had to say was, Yes, technology is making life more beautiful, and Tatiana's adventure, it is the most beautiful interpretation of a sentence.

Tearjerker video here to see over the wall:, when luochuan's men were busy beating 3-year old boy, we all need warmth in regaining confidence in the human.

[via] Moschino Galaxy case

Moschino French Fries Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

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