Monday, April 13, 2015

zamberlan Sues Marc Jacobs For Pulling Off The Three Stripes

Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone5 is being sued by adidas the foremost problems infamous three-stripes, WOW! Adidas will be here very soon out accusing Marc Jacobs from mimicking their three-stripe motif by working with sweatshirts with four stripes away from each sleeve. Adidas filed case against Marc Jacobs International the court this week. They used a very similar course of action with their newest four-stripe accent that are mistaken for the three-stripe accent in which it adidas is infamously known for. As a rule consumers would believe that the design had become Adidas made, but it's not.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Black Boston Terrier Silicone iPhone 5 Case

"The purchasing public has come to associate that Three-Stripe Mark with Adidas, " read the lawsuit. "Marc Jacobs phone cases's goods is likely to cause confusion, deceive everyone regarding its source, and diminish and tarnish the distinctive quality from Adidas' Three-Stripe Mark. "

Nike is continuing to use the outlines for more product including the Y-3 relationship with designer Yohji Yamamoto, what do you think are the most effective thoughts? Do you feel Marc Jacobs duplicated Adidas with the three stripes? Do leave your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook.

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