Sunday, April 5, 2015

Within 24 hours you must read the novels: a Private Vegas

For this story must not unfamiliar: Ruby Lin in the United Kingdom bought a book, watch one-third down open again in a few months, Linda Belle was shocked--not, in addition to the cover, that is, a blank notebook. Linda Belle thought meets a ghost, who later told her, this book uses special ink, once opened, the ink reacts with air, three months after writing disappeared completely. This story is a bowl of chicken soup, Ruby reflection, met wanted to do without delay, just do it ... now, we all know she is no longer just a summer load of Daming Lake, but forest boss, designer Lin ~ ~ ~ iPhone 6 flip cases

Of course, today, we recommend the "limited" book, not chicken stock, looks like it was a fun game. This Private Vegas is James Patterson's novel writings, characterized by reading – you must read within 24 hours, or over.

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There are two specific forms of reading, first is to publish digital versions of books online, limited edition of 1000 copies, measured from when reading, 24 hours later, the book will disappear automatically, end of the story will become very blurred.

The second form is the heart of the play, readers find a price tag $294,038 successfully you can buy, and enjoy a luxury tour, also can have dinner with author Patterson, Oh. (Patterson's fans would go crazy! )。 The most exciting is that readers within the safety distance, Golden binoculars read, treatment of astronomers, but just when you are absorbed in science Café 's identity, books will explode!!! Don't worry, they arranged for SWAT teams were dealing with the aftermath.

The book sale on January 26.

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