Thursday, April 30, 2015

Venus laundry bar, bucket second variable washing machine

Cold upsetting three things depends on getting up early in the morning, midnight toilets and cold water laundry. What about washing this thing, the author himself on the season is relatively indifferent, hates to wash clothes all year round anyway. But for the bitter students party, it's almost difficult to skip life must be. I know there is a laundry room, but there are bits and pieces of clothes, do not need to work a washing machine. What do I do?! Fortunately, a mysterious India designers, in addition to singing and dancing designed a laundry rod, can make any normal bucket seconds washing machine! Is a boon for the party's choice of college students were offered me Ah!

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India designers Piyush Agarwalla designed this laundry artifact Venus, its shape is like a stirring rod, the actual use of it does look like a large mixing wand. First you have to prepare a bucket size to be able to fit into the stirring rod. Then pour enough water in the bucket and detergent, then whisk Venus caught in the side of the bucket, of course, Venus statue in bucket. Please include this time clothes need washing, and then turn on the switch, Venus will begin to enjoy the mix! , The whole picture just like you've seen any of the turbine wheel type washing machine, hissing hissing, each not exceeding 2.5 kg of clothes, wash Venus just took 5 minutes to disperse! ' Hello Kitty Galaxy Note 3 case

As we all know, India is a relatively big gap between rich and poor countries, a lot of people just can't afford to buy a washing machine. Agarwalla hoping like the people in developing countries through Venus's pressure washing, this way of washing and washing water can be reduced as much as possible, the economic conditions were not very good family is obviously very important. In addition, the Agarwalla plans launched in the future can use solar-powered panels Venus and allow the power resource-poor areas can enjoy modern convenience. At present God the laundry bar in India small scale production, priced at just over $ 45. The author not only secretly thinking, Guangdong people if Agarwalla and I teamed up this kind of artifact should be further room for the price. Hello Kitty Samsung Note 3 case


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