Friday, April 3, 2015

The needle nose tilted: zhēn Bí tilt 20 ° to facilitate housewives are also convenient for you

Do you have any experience of picking up small items? Such as when eating the biscuits on the table a delicious Sesame, or fell on the feet of tiny needles? Treat the former, the author himself, "PIA" took the table with a trend toward all their ears than to the Thunder finger quickly got up in his mouth, but the latter, I usually put countless shapes, and try hard to pick it up with your nails ... ... Want to know the author, but a clever woman of paper a! Roll-outs that if their feet tiny needles, it is estimated that only dumb!

Before I always say something? World were driven forward by our lazy people! Yes! So this time we designers in lazy circles to show off to save the planet! For thousands of years they never change the shape of needles to make a simple little changes, zhēn Bí part pouted slightly curved (up) 20 ° ... ... Pony is so simple and Jue bending movements, solves the problem of people for thousands of years in one fell swoop, silver floor are no longer scratching, just calm down and hold zhēn Bí, you can easily pick up. And little camber will not cause any sewing activities remotely confusing, it really is a PIN did not straight world!

Designer: Huang-Yu Chen,Shih Ting Huang Vera Bradley iPhone 5 case

Vera Bradley iPhone 5 Case Red Flower

[via] Vera Bradley iPhone 5S case

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