Sunday, April 26, 2015

M which the KKI landscape lights, my warm little world

Japan has a miniature landscape, called the dry landscape. This scene more common in small, quiet, deep Zen monasteries. It took some trees, Moss, gravel and other static elements, through clever use of the sense of dimension and perspective, you can have a magical touch on people's State of mind. From Mexico brought PECA Design Studio designers Caterina Moretti recently made a marble lights m which the KKI, giving it the Japan such a dry landscape means: hello kitty cases for iPhone 6

M which the KKI is a lighting and miniature new plants and landscape lighting. Landscape is a thin stone made of marble litter the House, equipped with light sources. When it is not lit, little house is just a normal grey marble textures, but when the lights came up, whole House warm all over light, surrounded by mini-plants with white sand, with rounded pebbles and cast a silent light, full of joy. Like a dry landscape meaning a world in a grain of sand, m in your SPÖ KKI in the complex world, giving you a clean warm little world.

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