Tuesday, April 7, 2015

History of the most "delicious" lamp

Since a certain video site a block of programs after the fire, the "flower" the term began to pop up. Think, you next to me is really some wonderful work, the age of the Internet, wonderful waves after waves of made onlookers want to gossip all too late.

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This character to be introduced today, also be wonderful work in the design industry. Japan artists Sen Tian Xuezi's love of bread to the point of moment to see sick, so she created a series of bread-themed lamps and to satisfy their stare carbohydrates strange desires.

If you think that as the Lampshade portion of bread is a bread shape, think again, this material is not plastic are not silicone but real baking bread! Lost it! Of course, in order to prevent the bread mold, each freshly baked bread will be painted a layer of resin, which has maintained the appearance of bread, also play a role in preservation.

Larger lamps with French clubs, Bata, and spherical shape, lamp with plug, plugged directly into a socket you can use; small loaf cake, mushrooms and Horn shapes. These bread-lights, prices ranging from 4500 to 9500 Yen Yen. Marc Jacobs iPhone+ case

Asking the original Morita Yukiko loved the bread, still have to go back eight years, when she worked in his hometown of Kyoto a bakery. Today, her bread light works on display at the Tokyo Design week throughout Japan several are on sale in the store. I just wanted to know if buy one on the nightstand, and when waking from sleep is not, will not be true when bread eating, was knocked out teeth by LED lights ... ...

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