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Another kind of VoLTE

/@ Ta-ming, is now studying in Japan.

Editor's Note: VoLTE, namely Voice over LTE, is a kind of IP data transmission technology, all hosted in the 4G network, for data and voice services on the same network are unified. It gives 4G users most directly felt was connected to wait less time, as well as the effect of higher-quality and more natural audio and video calls.

With the popularity of 4G, major operators have deployed VoLTE technology.

Another kind of

On April 9, with the updated iOS8.3 system, Japan three major carriers DoCoMo, AU, Softbank started at the same time as iPhone6/6 connect Plus users with a faster, better call quality VoLTE services. But then some problems some users reflect the VoLTE au service, carefully study found au VoLTE business a little different.


Belated iPhone VoLTE

Starting from last June, DoCoMo launched its VoLTE business, and winter-spring models full adaptation VoLTE, followed by Softbank and au VoLTE also began service, but Softbank has only an Android terminal support, au announced service opens all Android models released after providing support. Ted Baker iPhone 6 cases

There is no suspense, iPhone6/6 Plus comes with a VoLTE features, Japan Science and technology when the media asks the operator, the answer is: we are technically fit, please be patient. Until half a month before revealing the news of the upcoming iPhone VoLTE services. With the iOS8.3 push, three operators finally brought VoLTE to iPhone6/6 Plus User Services. Ted Baker iPhone 6 cover

Why DoCoMo early adapter VoLTE? This also from Japan carrier network standard start, docomo:WCDMA+FDD-LTE,Softbank relies on WCP:WCDMA+FDD-LTE+TDD-LTE (AXGP), au by UQ:CDMA2000+FDD-LTE+TDD-LTE (WiMAX2+). DoCoMo VoLTE has been enabled on a network and international operators of similar, you can directly copy, but the other two are not so lucky. Due to Japan's policy limit, VoLTE and not through the TDD-LTE network, so when calls need to switch back to their own networks, but apples don't you, so I think this is the biggest cause of delays over the past six months iPhone VoLTE business. But DoCoMo why wait so long? Strange and incomprehensible.

Strange au

Au relied on band18 called the platinum band, quickly covering Japan most of the region, but due to comparatively scarce radio resources, 800Mhz left to LTE only (10*2), and 2.1Ghz because there are still a large number of 3G users, also has not clear enough resources to LTE. But because of 3G using CDMA, compared to the other two WCDMA, no Internet access when you call, it is often criticized by competitors, so au has wanted to get rid of CDMA the drag.

For CDMA operators Verizon take the CDMA+LTE parallel approach, due VoLTE cannot be smoothed down to CDMA, so there will be LTE bad signal drop problem. But au LTE coverage is very good, and so made a very bold decision: all VoLTE CDMA terminals are no longer supported, only running on the LTE network and VoLTE device using a new SIM card for all VoLTE terminal independent MNC is added. But also, some hardware support VoLTE old end, such as the Xperia Z3.

But the AU iPhone VoLTE did not replace the SIM card for the user, merely provides a new operator profile, judging from the present situation, au the present temporary solution is: use an Apple-provided WIFI in a phone Calling service connecting VoLTE server. Of course, from a VoLTE name: Voice Over LTE point of view, it's true, but it does not use the VoLTE technology, on the operator's network coverage and optimization of QoS requirements are very high. But I believe the AU as soon as possible after completion of adaptation, VoLTE provides better service.

Domestic carriers how to play?

And similar to the AU, as well as China Mobile and China Telecom, mobile telecommunications now calls back to the GSM/CDMA, also had a poor call quality and not at the same time Internet access problem. VoLTE cannot be caught up with line of cases, using a pseudo-VoLTE is a good programme, but it still has a high demand for LTE coverage. Dajian NET at home, believe cover problem can be resolved soon.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

1529 votes

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Main light Office Sufi series third-generation products to market, is still a familiar shape, compared to the previous generation, reduce body thickness from 10.6mm to 9.1mm, whole body slim. Design, improved Type keyboard Cover, upgraded frame, larger screens, and refers to a traditional laptop. While the weight is only 800g, over the previous weight has been greatly improved, and Microsoft has been emphasizing lighter than MBA. Well if you want to buy, we must first consider whether to accept a resolution of 2160x1440 pixels, 3:2 per cent of 12-inch screen.

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Ted Baker iPhone 6 cover

Friday, December 25, 2015

Finally mainland manufacturers still to play mobile phone industry is broken

Finally, mainland manufacturers still to play mobile phone industry is broken

On May 6, an ordinary is no longer ordinary days, there are three companies held a news conference, namely millet millet Note Hat release, with cool 360 launch Smartphone brand odd cool, and ZTE publishing flagship masters Nubia Z9. Among them, the millet Note Hat Edition long available, odd is stuck on the brand, no new launch, on the final play was left to ZTE Z9.

Z9 has provided almost all the characteristics of a flagship machine, top hardware configuration, excellent industrial design and customization systems based on Android, and the differences in areas such as borders, photo competition. All in all, this is a great machine.

In fact, not only the Z9, including millet Note Hat Edition released today, as well as some time ago Huawei launched P8, are very good smart phone. We can see the mainland manufacturers constantly strive, strive to improve their products, from industrial design to interfaces, from local services to ecological building, as much as possible narrow the gap with the international giant, even local had to achieve transcendence.

Today's intelligent machines, get that into a golden age, increase in strength, they even began to enter the international market with Samsung Apple a relatively high, people rejoice. However, this prosperity under the condition of a huge crisis, and this crisis is gradually expanding, see will eat the accumulation of domestic manufacturers over the years.

Prime crisis

This crisis is, first of all from the saturation of the market. Especially for domestic manufacturers, China smartphone market saturation is fatal, Huawei, ZTE and other higher degree of internationalization of enterprises in Europe-wrestling with Samsung, and millet are also actively open up new markets, and those serving the domestic market, talking on the phone two or three streams of vendors in the name of the Internet is doomed to die. Smart phone from the blue to the Red Sea to the Black Sea, only took less than a decade, and is about to go to the dead sea, shuffling has come. For these limbo enterprises, or brave, from China to the world, be the next to Haier, Lenovo, or small is beautiful, runs his own truly in a fixed group, in addition to hard to play out new tricks. After all, we have feelings fans and other elements of hardware and software services one by one to play around, and then wanted to play tricks, but reach for the stars.

Now the increasingly serious problem of homogenization of domestic manufacturers, its magnitude is much higher than international companies, after all, still did not have the right to speak, had plenty of market share, but not control the core components, such as processors, cameras, screens, and so on, all need Samsung Qualcomm buys from Sony, and the fate of the struggling hardware assemblers in nature.

In addition to hardware and software bottlenecks on the unexpected arrival. Mobile phone manufacturers focus on ROM is a good thing, build their own ecosystem is completely correct behavior, from this point, this time the rise of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, its significance is far more than a feature cottage rely on hardware gross margin down to earn market share of false prosperity. Huawei could certainly take volume guaranteed rate of Pu, earned through their ecosystem objective follow-up of profit, but want to think Apple can dubayifang from both the hard and soft, domestic manufacturers are far behind. Late last year to early this year, Apple's second spring in China deserved Huawei millet were of great importance, it is not just a matter of market share, but around consumer and aesthetic upgrading experience requirements are also on the rise. The gap between Apple and other manufacturers is shrinking, but consumer love and acceptance of the Apple did not shrink, the question is worthy of reflection. Victorias Secret Case for iPhone 5

The other hand, has long been over-reliance on Android is one of the homogenization of smartphones now fuse. Rely on abundant Android applications and open source, is the prosperity of the domestic manufacturers, but also planted the foreshadowing of homogenization. To cite an example, camera white balance has always been one of Android's ills, even today, can be the perfect solution to this problem An Zhuoji are numbered, and domestic manufacturers due to the underlying system, depends on the lens module, SOC international manufacturers, and top suppliers contact ratio is very high, it can only be taught through late to make up for, and constraints.

Therefore, today the three launches, read a lot, but the lack of new ideas, we have seen efforts by domestic manufacturers, the product is the best example, but we also see them become more similar and helpless. Domestic manufacturers have reached the point where one has to change, who can change as soon as possible, who can break through the bottleneck, to stay.

Find your outlet

Outlet pigs on the expression disseminated by the millet, millet, city, wave of popularity of smartphones is his outlet. Many manufacturers see millet to fly and hope that they can help this kamikaze, soared.

But was it, comes and goes. When you feel the wind down, how to find another outlet, or find their own outlet, became a top priority.

Huawei ZTE not intentional in this divine wind, as an international communications giant, intelligent machines is not their core business, but their brand into the mainstream consumer market, a short cut, let the world know of their existence and persistence is enough, for them, cell phones are a back matter.

Millet, go is Amazon + muji way, through a unified brand + great design + intelligent + lower prices + online sales, create an exclusive e-commerce platform, using their strong in hardware and system, active layout in the smart home.

While other vendors, if you don't find your outlet, then they will be endless puerile, Max followed in Apple, endless struggle with the friends.

For the area of today's smartphones, even if there is some emerging-market bright, but the overall saturation is an irreversible, continue to dwell on this stretch of the Red Sea are not rational.

Imagine then, the advent of iPhone MP3, MP4 and medium to low dry electronic products such as digital cameras suffered cut the pain of this way of thinking still relevant in the present, exploring the benefits of consumers ' new needs to provide a better than existing equipment.

I can't help but think of Microsoft Hololens. Although the advent of this product has not yet been completed, but from a concept video and presentation effects, we can conclude that, once the Hololens to enter the mass market, televisions, computers, intelligent et electronic devices to the grave. Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Cases

Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Cases

But unfortunately, this opportunity and be difficult to domestic manufacturers, the lack of core technology, the weakness of investment in research and development, so that domestic manufacturers in many areas are superficial, TV, computer, Smartphone is also true. Even if they want to complete a world-changing things, but the absence of roots they struggled along the way.

Above, there is a saying that good, when mainland manufacturers rushing into an industry, that means that the industry not far from death. Today, this industry is the mobile phone industry. We pulled low has intelligent machine of price, provides has local of of service, created has China features of development mode, for intelligent machine in 1.3 billion country people of universal State Xia played, this is ZTE are of work of where; ignored patent, large influx, pulled low hair profit and not due competition, let intelligent machine market miasma rivers, this is ZTE are of had of where. Today, they had to pay the price for the original choice, make a change, the decision is in their hands, is is she, and watch them.

Millet bracelet

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Millet bracelet

Bracelet with millet millet's latest wearable device, with intelligent features such as alarm clock sleep monitoring.

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Sioeye releases industry s first movement with a live camera

  Sioeye company announces the industry's first movement with a live camera-Iris4G. It uses the Android operating system, through the 4G LTE network to broadcast live video. GOPRO Hero Iris4G looks like an all-black version 4, dimensions are slightly larger. It has a 150-degree wide angle, but there is no accessory ecosystem. There are signs, GOPRO for multiple reasons and its competitors, have been avoiding live.

Sioeye releases industry's first movement with a live camera

  One reason is that the image quality. Sioeye live video released today by Iris4G 480p resolution to ensure the video stream without interruption, to trade picture quality for reliability. Of course, Iris4G the built-in microSD card slot, supporting local record 4K,2K or 1080p video, also supports the local picture video recording of the 1080p and 480p streams in real time. GOPRO and its competition based on quality concerns, until most of the user's wireless carrier live 720p video no problem, would he consider moving the camera integrates live.

  Another reason is that bandwidth. Even if you could guarantee the high quality of the video stream, but the camera locations you use most often, such as a mountain or in the forest, uneven quality of data signals. In order to solve this problem, Sioeye already in the Seattle, Washington AT&T and t-mobile 4G network optimization them hand in hand.

  Currently under the 480p resolution, Iris4G 1GB per hour, the battery can last up to about an hour of continuous broadcast time. Iris4G built-in gyroscope, barometer, GPS, you can display video stream speed, height and acceleration. Lunatik iWatch frame

[Article correction]

Collection is the collection of 1542 Lunatik iWatch Case

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Lunatik iWatch Case

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Field survival tool Natural bamboo sticks and water bottles

Field survival tool! Natural bamboo sticks and water bottles: BU Water 20151203c301

The bottle may look boots slightly and some ordinary, but it has an unusual goal--a bottle of walk the world! Forget about the discarded packaging of bottled water, you don't want to waste on a daily basis and boots slightly guilty feeling, right? OtterBox iPad Mini Case

BU Water was a glass water bottle, and it is equipped with a powerful filter, and through this filter, turn tap water into drinking water. This filter uses Japan traditional methods, natural bamboo into activated carbon. Filter after use, can be buried in the garden after the crushing, release of nutrients in the soil can help plant growth function. OtterBox iPad Mini Case

OtterBox iPad Mini Case

Four color design, Cap snap reinforcement design to prevent the spill. £ 17 a, now raised. You had the guts to drink it?

20151203c302 20151203c303 20151203c304 20151203c306 20151203c307 20151203c308


Sunday, December 6, 2015

I m sure this is not a rice cooker but a drone

  As more and more consumer drones, UAV opportunities we see in the sky are more and more, the use of drones and operations are becoming more simple and easy. But it also brought a very serious problem, these unmanned aerial vehicles will not only bring to our lives, and may even cause harm to our bodies.

  Would die in horse driven to madness is a drama, and a four-axis drone accidentally hit a child, led to his blindness in one eye, another drama. Marc Jacobs iPhone 6 plus

I'm sure this is not a rice cooker but a drone

  Security, which is Fleye UAV is designed to build on the main reason. The drone of propellers and all moving parts have been hidden inside a spherical shell!


  Yes, at first glance you see Fleye drones, you won't be as shocked by the appearance of the rice cooker (cooker flew in the air, make your own brain fill the screen), or you will be dumped by the appearance of it sprouting (round appearance from a certain perspective, really cute).

I'm sure this is not a rice cooker but a drone I'm sure this is not a rice cooker but a drone

  Sensor help, Fleye, when it is close to someone, you can safely touch it, without fear of being injured. This design also helps Fleye remained stable in the air, it has three automatic modes to choose from, namely the self-timer mode, Panorama mode and hover mode. Of course, if you have confidence in the operation of your own, you can also manually by application to control its flight.

  In addition to ease of use and security outside, Fleye also runs Linux, supports Yocto OpenCV (cross-platform computer vision library), it also allows us to rely on computer vision library procedures. Fleye also has a remote API and software development kit, the Kit supports Node.js,iOS,Android,Python.

  Finally, the company also launched the level is different from the consumer version of the developer version, this version of the drone more outstanding performances.

Marc Jacobs iPhone+ case

  Want the drone? Fleye is now on Kickstarter to raise if you want it, you need to pay the cost of at least $ 740.

[Article correction]

Collection is the collection of 1542 Marc Jacobs iPhone+ case

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Worried about hurting normal cells undergoing chemotherapy implanted electric

Worried about hurting normal cells undergoing chemotherapy, implanted electric field point to eliminate tumors

Chemotherapy is the treatment of a form of cancer, but no difference in chemotherapy for "attack" in nature often leads to chemotherapy not only destroy cancer cells, but also damage healthy cells. If there is way for chemotherapy have better accuracy to attack cancer cells, will allow patients to receive better treatment, and reduce the harmful side effects, which also has been the primary goal of the researchers. FENDI plus case

FENDI plus case

A group consists of a team of scientists has developed the electric field so as to be able to use highly specific treatment for cancer in the form of chemical substances.

Assistant Professor, Department of biomedical engineering, University of Virginia Lissett Bickford said, "so many drugs to where they need to go is a huge challenge. "One of the co-authors of the study, said. "This technology is basically forcing drugs directly to cancer cells, so that all in the treatment of cancer have been treated." FENDI plus case

This technique is iontophoresis, involved chemotherapy drugs into tumors in a small device, and electric fields are created to guide the role of drugs in cancer cells. In tests, mice using ion penetration therapy and conventional intravenous chemotherapy, compared with drugs in the treatment of cancer in the body, and new ways to increase their survival time.

It is also worth noting that, using iontophoresis treatment of mice after receiving intravenous chemotherapy, help increase concentration in cancer medicine, while drug concentration in plasma is negligible. Doing so can reduce common side effects of chemotherapy, including fatigue, hair loss, nausea and vomiting.

This new technology is expected to be used as a supplement to conventional treatment methods. It allows doctors to use more effective anticancer drugs and drugs in a specific location, without having to worry about drug delivery materials have an adverse impact on the rest of the body's cells.

This technology may eventually allow different types of cancer as a result of morbidity and mortality significantly reduced.

via gizmag

Millet router

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Millet router

As millet router upgrade, new millet router global launch Broadcom Broadcom 4709C dual-core 1.4GHz CPU, with separate 512MB system Flash memory with 4 Gigabit wired network interface, built-in Seagate/Toshiba professional supervisory-level hard drive, normal 1TB, optional 6TB, support for mobile phones and cameras automatically upload.

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In addition to ridicule it what holidays do

Annual of Festival holiday to has, last year holiday do was spit slot on new year's Eve only holiday Hou, this year of home seems to early has some ~ Lei Feng network of small series are, with literary youth and technology youth two species wash nursing II one of temperament returned to home, that late, Festival holiday except spit slot Gala, except was asked "find object didn't" "married didn't" "buy room didn't" zhiwai, you also has which method on life peak, became small town legend?

In addition to ridicule it, what holidays do?

Network randomly interviewed several young people of Lei Feng (Dou) June (BI), discovered that the brain is like Chinese New Year Fireworks and bright it ~

Micro letter public, "making three forms to forums" operator, famous IT commentators:

Back home they'd purchased before the new year is a priority, the home of relatives, friends, children and adults is hard but will take care of the really hard on people! Buy vacuum-packed Quanjude Roast Duck and Tao Heung village snack? Don't forget, you are from the media people, migrant workers take what you what to bring, made how do you highlight? This year the Spring Festival in our home without spending a penny!


This year saved how much power? How much TV box? With WiFi? How many routes? How much red rice? These good things there is a line and more at home, it looks you also get bored! You return home to pay when the door on one, in relational closeness distribution is asymmetric information, new baby home is not in town, you'll render, the whole point of big words, hard word, vocabulary, intelligent wear, cloud computing, you can say hello, which is a common home for the new year, the whole "technology in the countryside"!

New financial record:

 I suggest you travel, follow exchange rates to go, outbound Chinese tourists was the Spring Festival in previous years chasing the good weather, choose more Southeast. As the Yuan this year against the yen, euro and other currencies of Europe free sale hot, island scenery you can also take the opportunity to list.

In addition to ridicule it, what holidays do?

A well-known film and television company PR: Cath Kidston note 4 cases

Ah, do not send me the app ask me this question, I'd grab a red envelope as a life's work, deep;

In addition to ridicule it, what holidays do?

A popular talk show program director:

What is called the Spring Festival holidays?

 A well-known film critics:

Can't see can see, shouldn't watch the movie to see, reviews the film and television companies marketing the Spring Festival by the way what's going on, as "trenches in their hometowns," I decided to invite relatives and friends of Chang Zhong Kui

Lei feng's network: why is Zhong Kui,

Answer: occasional

Lei feng's network: ... ...

In addition to ridicule it, what holidays do?

A science and technology:

Wheelbarrows, smart watches, Kinect, intelligent projector or something with you.

Got off the train to the village, rode a unicycle ride in the bright and spacious new rural road, behind a group of brothers and sisters followed, hundred percent rate;


Street happy new year, casual touch of the smart watches the screen pulls up the sleeve, cumin in the cottage is full of fields and squalor;


Second grade, relatives come assembled Xbox and Kinect, men and women are called up, elder cousin cut fruit, two great nieces dance, fly racing give doubles tennis, let the whole family immersed in high-tech, unable to extricate themselves;


Dead of night, with nut G1 projector brings cinema cinematic experience of perception for the whole family, with the arrival of song credits, the father shed tears, he believes you have grown into high-minded.


Before the arrival of the next Spring Festival, you are the city of legends.

 Small series of Lei Feng:

While watching the Spring Festival evening show, you can look at the barrage, a print of Twitter, circle of friends ~ ~


During the Festival, you can also brush intelligent hardware first media – Lei Feng network, intelligent hardware to play the first station love machine and intelligent hardware first--get the picture screen!!


In addition to ridicule it, what holidays do?


In addition to ridicule it, what holidays do?

Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~ Cath Kidston note 4

New MacBook

1320 votes

New MacBook

Cath Kidston note 4

The new MacBook is a very consistent with consumer expectations and the evolution of Apple products. Caught in the thin and light MacBook Air portable, and equipped with Retina display screen MacBook Pro among consumers, with more in line with the requirements and the ideal choice. The use of new technologies, new MacBook to further enhance integration and integration, improved keyboard, touchpad and screen, as well as the new USB-C interface, and has a great imagination and ability to play.

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My wife and mistress were caught because my car charger for GPS positioning

With GPS positioning function of the car charger 20151115-ZUS-SHOT-1

Well, you have a car? Car is there a plug in? Even if you don't drive, take a drop or a ber of vehicles, can charge a cell phone also has a measure of driver are you. But, other than silently do a plug, if he can play something else effect? OtterBox Galaxy S3 Case OtterBox Galaxy S3 Case

OtterBox Galaxy S3 Case

ZUS Car Charger, comes with two USB jacks, cigarette lighter power, also combines GPS tracking system, compatible with Smartphones, can solve the owners lost in the vast parking lot of embarrassment. Whenever you stop turn off when going HIGH around, it has automatic vehicle location, when you bags come back with fruitful results, simply open the APP, they can clearly show you, how far is it from the car, and that close to a step where!

20151115-ZUS-SHOT-2 20151115-ZUS-SHOT-3 20151115-ZUS-SHOT-4

Design Studio: Junik Design


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Panasonic heads HX Series headset die beautiful pictures

Panasonic new HX Series headphones after carefully design, in development products Shi understand to headphones as accessories one of, except consider sound Shang performance outside, also focused on wearing Shi of comfortable sex, ear tube of shape more after human workers learn design, ear cover part can cover ear is not caused does not apply of pressure, plus soft quality imitation leather ear pad, can isolation outside noise, with home can long time wearing and drunk Yu by love of music among.


Panasonic headphones, Panasonic headphones external formwork, Panasonic HX Series headphones Panasonic headphones, Panasonic headphones external formwork, Panasonic HX Series headphones Panasonic headphones, Panasonic headphones external formwork, Panasonic HX Series headphones Panasonic headphones, Panasonic headphones external formwork, Panasonic HX Series headphones

Source: mobile phones in China Marc Jacobs iPad cases Marc Jacobs iPad Case

Marc Jacobs iPad cases

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hardware front this week Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

Hardware front this week: Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

Breeze to send a plume of scent, as if the slim remote Tower of song.

This sentence in the Moonlight, so my first exposure to "synaesthesia". Light has taste? Body language is not be used to feel? The answer is Yes, and it's not difficult, a lot of hardware can do, for example, the following two paragraphs.

Awox Aromalight flowers smart lamp Color

General smart bulbs can do, Awox Aromalight Color can be, such as mobile phones to control Flash, lighting, lighting intensity, color change. But its greatest feature is the scent, dedicated APP allows you to simultaneously control multiple bulbs, scent defined timetable.

Hardware front this week: Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

Because the bulb has a small accessory, there is a sponge, pour a few drops of essential oil, when when you need a scent, the tiny fan to the outside of the bulb of odour.

OPhone smell sensor

Vapor Communications developed the oPhone has a built-in oChips smell, aroma of dried material is built-in, a gust of wind blowing, it will float a faint aroma, not thick just right. OPhone also odour mixing, rather than a single odor.

Hardware front this week: Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

OPhone can be used with some media applications, if the movie appears in the book's description of the food, you can really smell the aroma of food.

Pitches like this will be mixed in with the various senses that what's the point? For normal people, and can smell while you are reading is the icing on the cake, but to lose a sense of people, this means new channels to get information. For example, someone can convert sound vibrations which were built on the model of vest, and after the experiment, deaf people can in practice a few days later depending on the vibration patterns to tell a few words.

While trying to get information, we tend to rely on a single sense, but with the popularity of wearable devices such as hardware, we might be able to get through the five senses, hear the light, see the voice to become Superman.

Brain hole is wide open this week also has the following hardware products:

Intense phobias dare not use lens

Digital cameras usually have a lens and an image sensor, light lens and be directed to the image sensor, image by this method. But Light, a photography startup new ways to manufacture digital cameras is no longer used.

Hardware front this week: Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

Integrating multiple small lenses with Light lens (shown in the previous figure), each a small lens is equipped with a separate image sensors, this lens can be installed on Smartphones and other electronic devices. When you take photos, small lens will all start at the same time (imagine more than one person at the same time to see your scene), while the software automatically combines the images together.

Hermes iPhone

Wonder whether intensive phobia dare use the self-timer of the camera.

Can email us

In meetings or other important occasions, take out smart phones to send important emails will be considered to be an act of disrespect to spokesman. However, if there is a new way to let you quickly and cleverly put your index finger a few clicks the thumb will be able to send out an important message or the message, then you will do?

Hardware front this week: Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

NailO is a gesture input device installed on the nails, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of technology's Media Lab. It connects via Bluetooth and your mobile device or PC, when users have made a series of gestures can send text messages, email.

Do not know how many men broke the nail can be bent. Hermes iPhone 6 Plus Case

Is better than a boyfriend's hands

Moley Robotics company based in London has developed a robot chef, it can make a delicious dish.

Hardware front this week: Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

A well-known chef after seeing the robot said: "it is a very good chef, you just need to tell it what to do, whether it's cooking preparations, from start to finish to complete a whole dish of cooking, it can do very well. " Hermes iPhone

20 this machine cooks integrated electric motor, and 129 24 Joint sensors, can end up as can be prepared from ingredients to clean the kitchen all process of the robot.

With such robots, girls can finally say "no boyfriend, and with your hands."

Hardware front this week: Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

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HTC One M9

Maybe HTC in the Android camp has typical of industrial design, coupled with the previous generation M8 public expectations have been raised too high, so at the press conference following the end of routine upgrades of the M9 and not so strong repercussions. Discussion on the M9, consumer channel is highly concentrated on the legendary "three-jaw" and "around the Israeli-Palestinian" "Wu Chin" ...

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