Friday, October 24, 2014

Moggies So Cute You Will Drink All of them Up

The Japanese are known for being 100 % crazy about cats. From what

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much of our cat tells me, it is proof of ascertain highly evolved wisdom the Japanese posses. I am not going to argue with her, specifically not after

seeing the most delightful marshmallows in the world -- in the delightful

shape of a kitty. And -- believe it or not -- it is NOT Hello Your cat.

Yawahada Cat and Cat Foot Marshmallows

From the nation that carried out provide us with the iconic Hello Your cat, as well as cat cafes, and has its very own Cat Island, comes a recipe confectioner, Yawahada, that creates the most wonderful marshmallows in the shapes of cats yet cat paws. They are designed to collection afloat in your favorite hot wine, from coffee and tea, so as to cocoa and lattes.

Yawahada Puma and Cat Paw Marshmallows

He or she can have been created for hot drinks, on the other hand I can imagine using them in a limited amount ways -- not the least in which is on a stick at a campfire, though that may be a bit creepy. On many occasions they'd make great decorations for bread and cupcakes. I am sure that there are cat-loving foodies out there who have more inspirations than I can come up with!

Yawahada Puma and Cat Paw Marshmallows

You should face it -- these melt-able marshmallows put Peeps to disgrace. They are cuter and look more like the cat than the Peeps look like chicks nor bunnies. Not that I would try to prevent anyone of their Peeps addiction -- I have had many a Peeps sugar rush over yearsl.. I am certain that they melt well in cocoa effectively.

Yawahada Cat and Cat Foot Marshmallows

They are available in vanilla yet chocolate. Sadly, they are currently limited in Japan. The website says they're working on international shipping options. Excellent feeling that if they can resolve this particular or create an American joint venture distinct business would skyrocket.

Yawahada Puma and Cat Paw Marshmallows

Each one of these little kitties is handmade inside a time-consuming process. These sweet cats are specifically deigned to stay swept and upright during the melting concept. Who wants a cute kitty marshmallow that doesn't keep you company?

Yawahada Puma and Cat Paw Marshmallows

A major marshmallow cat in hot powdered cocoa would be a great way to surprise youngsters for a special event, or to cheer a fabulous sick child. Until they make this task to this side of the Pacific, wait to those leftover Peeps to make out for now. If you are headed to Japan yet want some of these cute kitties discover order on their website and have them to my address where you will be staying.

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