Monday, October 27, 2014

Highly decorated pharaohs rule in annual Compact Chair Race on The Peak

Egypt pharaohs, rotund little yellow minions from the Despicable me iPad 4 case movie series and giant dalmatians mingled whilst made their way to the 2km finishing reason for the annual Sedan Chair Compete on The Peak yesterday.

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The twelve pharaohs carrying their sedan picked up the Best-Dressed Team award. The item their first such race they had spent three months preparing for them.

"We chose Egypt as involving theme because it is one of the emerging stock market, and we felt that the pharaoh most appropriate represents the country, " the team's cheerleader Karman Fung said.

They had bought their costumes within the web, and lined their eyes and as a consequence drew on moustaches to make these characters appear more lifelike.

Finally the pharaoh team was not the only local community that put so much effort constantly in their costumes.

A group of "dalmatians" sacrificed these personal comfort to better play these parts as the spotted dogs, wearing self-decorated canvas shoes that were not solely ideal for running.

"It's really hard to exercise in these shoes, but we reckoned it necessary to match the wardrobe, " said So Tsz-fung, a town University student who was collaborating with the Lead Dogs Association for the race. "We wanted to show that guide most dogs can play many roles throughout human lives, " he says.

The team also incorporated Cruella Fitness Vil, the dog-fur-wearing villain in a Disney classic 101 Dalmatians, as well as the Toy Story's slinky dog and as a consequence green army men into their ambiente. Their film-camera sedan earned the company the Best-Decorated Chair award.

Finally the sedan race also saw on average 20 organ transplant recipients be involved, turning up dressed as Superman.

Chan Kwok-ming, leader of the team by means of Transplant Sports Association, took task in his first sedan race and after his kidney transplant three years no more. "I feel so much better is often a transplant, " said the 50-year-old sports lover who completed the marathon this year.

Martin Wong Yim-wah, the association's founding chairman, says they hoped to promote awareness of body organ donation. "Our Superman outfits point out to the others that they, too, can be a good guy when they take part in organ donation, inch he said.

And while the yellow spectrum umbrella has become a popular symbol throughout Hong Kong because of the ongoing Occupy Middle democracy movement, it made no more appearance among the crowd of thoroughly decorated sedans in the race.

Eris Lau Ching, director of the Compact Chair Charities Fund that tidy the race, said she weren't surprised. "As our event keeps charities, we do not wish to get involved in national politics. Most of our participants are expatriates, and the extent to which they are getting local current affairs is not even as large as that of the lieu. "

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