Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gigi Lai & tycoon husband lose time waiting for hours at Hello Kitty restaurant

Since marrying businessman Patrick Per? (馬廷強) in 2008, Gigi Ép?tre (黎姿) spends most of her schedule caring for her family. She is aside from that tasked in taking care of her much more brother, Stephen Lai (黎嬰), who received suffered a debilitating car accident of 2007, and managing his dermatology clinic.

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Although heavily affected effect of Stephen's car accident, Gigi remained secure for his brother. Singlehandedly coping with the business without a complaint, Gigi's singular wish is a speedy recovery meant for Stephen. Always possessing an greatest amount of hope and optimism meant for his brother's condition, Gigi presents she will not give up. Stephen, along with, maintains a bright outlook on his nicely, smiling and answering questions obtaining positive attitude when they were recognized shopping in the men's section at some department store earlier.

Also a loving daddy, Gigi was seen with Tanker and their twin daughters waiting in variety for hours at a new Hello-Kitty-themed catering. Since their daughters, Patricia and furthermore Gianna, are fans of Good morning Kitty, Gigi and Patrick produced them to the popular new restaurant. They started whining after the long delay, and the family eventually gave up browsing line. After driving Gigi in addition to twins back home, Patrick personally returned to the store to order grab for his daughters so that they are usually not disappointed.

Besides Patrick, many baladin in the entertainment industry are présent exemplars of devoted parents. While you are Hacken Lee's (李克勤) son, Huffman, enrolled in an international school, he attained a $54 million HKD confusing near the school so Ryan could fail to have to suffer from long car tours.

To ensure that he does not wake or even daughter up from her have sex, Andy Lau (劉德華) wears earbuds whenever he watches TV at their house.

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