Friday, June 13, 2014

Here's how to get Those Kenzo Cornrows

Hairstylist Akki Shirakawa created a modern French braid for kenzo tiger iPhone 5's resort presentation—half with all the models had four plaits, and simply half only two. "To obtain the cool and futuristic Kenzo hairstyle, I wanted to create a sleek and simply square silhouette with dry studded braids to give the look of cornrows, " he said. We think that style is perfect for a summer BARBECUE or rooftop party, so we contained him give us an exclusive tutorial teaching you how to achieve the look in five easy ways.

Kenzo Tiger iPhone 5 Case Green

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The first step : Prep damp hair with Kérastase Touche Finale concentrating on the and contains. This will make the hair smooth and simply easier to handle when creating the braids.

Step 2: Create a center part and simply apply Kérastase Boucles d'Art and simply Spray a Porter from sources to the ends to give your hair appearance and dry texture. Work this unit into your hair by finger brushing as you blowdry until you achieve a beachy texture.

Step 3: After your hair seemingly dry, spray a touch of Kérastase Powdered ingredients Bluff dry shampoo to accentuate the texture.

Step 4: Divide your hair to either two or four cells depending on your preference. Take each case and split into three small cells so that two strands are maintained one hand, and the third strand within the held in the opposite hand. French braid the hair by taking the strand in regards to the right and crossing it over the guts, then taking the strand from the forced and crossing it over the center et cetera. Continue this pattern, gradually making use of other pieces of hair. When there is not add, carry on braiding as repeated. When you reach the end, secure using small rubber band, and imitate for each section. Try to keep each one braid tight, but not too close from the head.

Step 5: Spray your head for Kérastase Laque Dentelle hairspray to stop and hold the look. A few soar through the air aways are totally okay.

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